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Sunday, May 1, 2016

This movie seems familiar

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It really doesn't matter what genre you're into, it seems there's been something exciting for everyone at the theater this fall.

Along with the news that Disney had purchased Lucasfilms last week came the hint of more chapters in the Star Wars story. A "prequel" set of three films is said to be in the planning stages with a 2015 release date. Star Wars fans are divided over whether new installments are a good thing. Bets are being taken over which favorite characters will return in the new stories.

George Lucas has, in the past, said his vision included nine stories. He also said he didn't make the the second trilogy for fans of the first, he made it for a new generation of viewers.

So, this final third comes just in time for a third generation of Star Wars fans.

There are fans, and then there are fanatics.

"Twihards" fall into the fanatic category.

Teenage vampires who sparkle?

Love triangles featuring said sparkling vampire, a werewolf, and a sulking, Pacific Northwest teen?

Yup, that's what you get with the "Twilight" movies, the last of which premieres this week.

Stephanie Meyers created a moody world of undying (and undead) love between a human and a vampire.

And teen girls went crazy.

Tears will be shed when the lights come up on the finale of "Breaking Dawn Part II." And the teens will begin looking for the next craze to follow.

Nobody does it better than James Bond, however, and "Skyfall," the 23rd installment of Ian Fleming's classic spy's adventures, is killing at the box office.

Daniel Craig, the latest incarnation of the British spy, earned the praise of a former 007, Sir Roger Moore, who called him "the best Bond ever" recently.

This time around, two words that NEVER go together are being bandied about - "Bond" and "Oscar." You go to Bond films for action, adventure, and Bond. You generally don't expect cinematic excellence. But that's what Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes has brought to the classic series in this latest tale.

We like movies that bring us something familiar. We feel like we know the characters. We want to see how those characters are doing.

Studios like them because there is an audience waiting. This cuts back the risk somewhat.

The danger, however, is in outstaying your welcome, or "jumping the shark."

Perfect example? "Jaws: The Revenge."

Remember it? Didn't think so.

The holidays are on the way, and that's traditionally a big time for movies. It's a big time for traditions as well.

Which may be why franchise films are so big this time of the year.

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