The art of shooting

Saturday, November 10, 2012
BJ Mulder of Kingsley conducts a shooting clinic for local basketball athletes at the Spencer Field House on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Mulder conducts the clinics both nationally and internationally. (Photo by Michael Fischer)

BJ Mulder has spent nearly 20 years perfecting the art of shooting a basketball. He's taught locally, nationally, internationally, even Olympic teams and NBA players. This past week, Mulder stopped by Spencer High School for a free shooting clinic and gave over 60 middle school and high school kids a look at the "BEST Shooting" way.

"We want anybody who walks in the gym to say, 'This is different,'" Mulder said. "We teach kids how to practice and the intensity level they need to practice and play at. We want them practicing the right way."

Mulder has refined his principles and fundamentals since he began the BEST Shooting camps and clinics in 1994 and he's constantly looking to improve how he teaches athletes the "BEST" way to shoot.

"B.E.S.T." is an acronym for Basketball's Effective Shot Training and Mulder has been touring the region, and globe, passing along his knowledge and passion of the game of basketball. While the clinic, like the one Tuesday night at the Spencer Fieldhouse, is free and about an hour and a half long, Mulder also runs 6-week-long camps in the summer.

After coaching basketball at Kingsley-Pierson for nine years, Mulder began teaching individual lessons and the BEST Shooting brand was born. It has continued to grow and evolve and it's even taken him to Copenhagen, Denmark. Mulder has has also worked with the 2008 Chinese Olympic basketball team.

"Coaches have just asked me to come and talk to their teams," he said. "Everything we do is with detail and passion, and that's the way we teach it. We want kids to do everything with passion."

Spencer's girls coach Don Martindale and boys coach Kory Petzenhauser brought Mulder in for the varsity players and the younger players to gain access to his teaching.

"He's well-known throughout the state, and beyond, as one of the best shooting coaches around," Martindale said. "His fundamental approach through the progression of the shot will be very helpful to all the kids. We were very pleased with the turnout."

Mulder was accompanied by Kingsley-Pierson senior Colin Henrich, who has been part of the BEST Shooting School throughout his high school career. He said his shooting has improved "drastically" through Mulder's teachings.

According to last year's stats, Henrich hit 42 percent of his 3-point attempts. Mulder's son, Keegan Mulder, led the state in 3-pointers made (89) while shooting 48.6 percent from behind the arc.

With years of experience under his belt, Mulder feels he knows what works with shooting fundamentals and how to passionately get that across to his students.

"I was never taught how to shoot, but I always kind of thought I knew because I watched so many great shooters," he said. "Now after seeing thousands and thousands of players and working with them, I think I know what works. We keep improving and every year we're trying to refine what we're doing."

BEST Basketball can be found on the web at and Mulder runs clinics throughout the year.

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