Construction crews near completion of projects

Friday, November 9, 2012
Crews work on a stretch of Fourth Avenue West that is part of a storm sewer project in the area. The project will eventually stretch to West Seventh Street, but underground work is being stopped at West Sixth Street until next construction season. (Photo by Gabe Licht)

As construction season winds down, construction efforts are ramping up on a couple projects in Spencer.

Storm sewer work has been underway in west Spencer since June and is coming to a close.

"We've had quite a bit of activity in the last two weeks," said Ross McWhirter of Kruse, Cate and Nelson. "Last week we had four contractors on site: two underground contractors and two paving contractors."

The project began on Third Avenue West, between West Third Street and West Fourth Street, and is zig zagging through West Seventh Street via Fourth Avenue West and West Fourth Street.

"Currently, the underground work on Fourth Avenue West is up to West Sixth Street and that is the spot we are going to stop for now and let the paving catch up," McWhirter said. "The pavement on Third Avenue West is up to West Sixth Street."

West Seventh Street is also closed at Third Avenue West. Sewer work on Fourth Avenue West to West Seventh Street will resume next construction season.

Another sewer replacement project is taking place between East 15th and East 16th streets and between Fairview Avenue and Seventh Avenue East.

"That's a different kind of project," McWhirter said. "Usually, we're working in the right of way in front of people's houses. On this particular project, we are in a 16-foot easement in the rear yards of those houses.

"We have been in contact with all the residents that have been affected," McWhirter continued. "They have been patient so far. We hope to get some dirt moved this week to keep that project moving along for those people."

Another project is on the horizon for the spring of 2013, as Spencer City Council on Monday approved an agreement with Clay County for the joint construction of street and road overlays on West Fourth Street, West 18th Street and Clay County Road M-44.

"That project includes 32nd Avenue West from West Fourth Street to West 18th Street and also overlays on West Fourth Street from Fourth Avenue West to just past the south tech park and also West 18th Street from Fourth Avenue West to 32nd Avenue West," McWhirter said. "We are in line for a January bid-letting right now."

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