Holiday Family Adoption program underway

Friday, November 9, 2012

While it's hard to believe, the holidays are right around the corner.

The Holiday Family Adoption program kicks off today with a listing of families in The Daily Reporter.

The Holiday Family Adoption Program, a Spencer-area holiday staple, allows generous area families, businesses and service groups to share in the holiday spirit and bounty.

It's easy to "adopt" a family. You can contact The Daily Reporter Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 262-6610 and let us know the number of the family you wish to "adopt."

Then the fun begins.

You can shop for items on the wish list, wrap them up and drop them off at one of two drop-off days; Saturday, Dec. 8 or Saturday, Dec. 15, from 8:30 a.m. until noon on both days. The collection location will be at the Depot Building at the Clay County Fairgrounds.

Then, on Sunday, December 16, the Spencer Volunteer Firemen, Spencer Rotary volunteers and area UPS employees will deliver the gifts to families.

It is not necessary to purchase everything on the lists. These are "wish lists." However, all items donated need to be clean and in excellent condition, if not new. Wrapping the gifts is also appreciated.

Donations of food and cash are also welcome. All food donations will be split among the families, and cash donations are used to purchase gifts for families who may not be "adopted." Cash contributions may be sent to the Holiday Family Adoption Program, in care of The Daily Reporter, PO Box 197, Spencer, Iowa 51301.

Food donations may include canned or boxed food items, paper goods, cleaning supplies or other non-perishable supplies.

This year the need is great, and success lies in the generous support of the people of Spencer and the surrounding communities.

- Below is the list available for adoption. Call with your request.


Female, age 4: girls size 7 jeans, puzzles, books

Female, age 3: girls size 4T jeans, dolls, Barbies


Male, age 15: pants, size 32x32, size 16-18 polo shirts, white t-shirts, pajamas, size 9-13 ankle or crew socks, boxer shorts, razor, cologne.

Male, age 12: pants, size 36x32, size 14-16 shirts, size 9-13 ankle or crew socks, pajamas.

Family: Monopoly, cards, Trouble, Yatzee, age appropriate movies, comedies.


Male, age 14: size 38x32 jeans, size XXL shirts, games, books

Male, age 12: boys size 12 slim jeans, boys size L shirts, Legos, games

Female, age 36: size 12 jeans, womens size L sweaters, books


Male, age 14: size 32x32 jeans, mens size L shirts, socks, model cars, cars, Legos, card games

Female, age 12: girls size 12 jeans, girls size 14-16 long sleeve shirts, socks, crafts, board games

Female, adult: size 3-4XL shirts, size 10 socks, crock pot, coffee mug, silverware, cups, games for family


Male, age 5: boys size 8 jeans or pants, size 1 socks, gloves, hat. Likes cars, Legos and books

Male, age 18: mens size L clothes, gloves, hat, action figures, dinosaurs

Female, age 15: ladies size 8 jeans, size M shirts, socks, gloves, hat, crafts, games

Male, age 12: size 31x30 jeans, mens size M shirts, gloves, hat, Lego, military play sets, games

Female, adult: size XL shirts, size 9 socks, gloves, hat, crockpot, games for family.


Female, age 2 1/2: size 3T jeans and tops, Barbies, books, DVDs, age appropriate toys, art supplies


Female, age 1: size 3T bottoms, size 4T tops, size 4-71/2 socks, size 4 diapers, wooden puzzles, mittens, touch and feel books, towels, crib sheets, big toy cars, classical music, wash cloths


Female, age 34: size 24 stretch jeans, size 2XL shirts, bakeware

Female, age 14: likes zebra print, brown tone eye shadows, black eyeliner and mascara, pink/brown tone blush, light colored lip gloss, nickel plated necklace and earrings, gloves, hat

Female, age 11: nickel plated necklace and earrings, puzzles, board games, books and music


Female, age 5: girls size 7 jeans, girls size 7-8 shirts, girls size 13 shoes, dolls, books, movies, Barbies, twin bedding, Legos

Female, age 4: girls size 6 jeans, girls size 7-8 shirts, girls size 11 shoes, dolls, Barbies, movies, books, twin bedding, Legos

Male, age 1: size 18-24 month sleepers, pants and shirts, bath toys, blocks, books

Female, adult: gas card


Female, age 3: size 3T pants, size 4T shirts and dresses, size M socks, pretend play items, purses, books, bubbles, tea set

Female, age 4: size 4T pants, size 5T shirts and dresses, size L socks, colors, arts and crafts, paint, bubbles, purses, board games

Female, age 5: size 5 pants, size 6 shirts and dresses, purses, writing pads, zuzu pets, anything princess, Barbies

Male, age 14: mens size M shirts, boys size 16 slim, aviator sunglasses, flashdrive, skate board wheels or bearings, head phones

Male, adult: mens size L dress shirts, gas card

Female, adult: size XL shirts


Male, age 67: mens size M pajamas, long sleeved shirts, size L gloves, bath towels

Female, age 56: ladies size 7 1/2 winter boots and slippers, size L flannel nightgown


Male, age 2 1/2 months: size 6 month clothes, toys, books, walking toy, learning toys


Female, age 16: size 3X long or short sleeved shirts, size 3X sweatpants and jeans, favorite colors: pink, purple, lime green, black, movies, books

Family: soap, household supplies, shampoo, movie theatre gift card


Female, age 3: size 4T-5T shirts and pants, learning toys, crayons, puzzles

Female, age 25: queen size sheets, bath towels


Male, age 7: size 7-8, or M shirts, pajamas, jeans, superheros, Beyblades, games

Female, age 5: size 7-8 or M shirts, pajamas, jeans, dolls, Barbies, games, make-up

Male, adult: size XL, socks, slippers

Female, adult: size XL yoga pants, socks, gas card


Female, age 31: womens size 7-8 clothes, shovel, size 8 snow boots, queen size sheets and comforter

Male, age 13: size 16 (29x32) jeans size L shirts, size 11 1/2 shoes, drawing stuff, queen size sheets and comforter, cologne, hair products

Male, age 11: size 16 pants, size L shirts, size 9 shoes, twin sheets and comforter, posters, board games (Clue), puzzles, remote control helicopter

Female, age 8: girls size 7-8 clothes, size 5 1/2 shoe, Bratz dolls, Monster High dolls, pictures for walls, earrings, doll house, head bands, barrettes, puzzles


Female, age 21: size XL clothes, bath and body stuff, socks

Male, age 22: size XXL clothes, underwear, socks

Male, age 3: size 3T-4T clothes, socks Cars 2 movie, cars, trucks

Female, age 2: size 2T-3T clothes, socks, Minnie Mouse, dolls, dress up items


Male, age 3: size 4T shirts, pants and underwear, size 11 socks, trucks, cars, motorcycles, 4 wheelers

Female, age 15: size XL or size 18 tops and pants, barrettes, head bands, nail care items and polish, craft things


Male, age 13: boys size 14 jeans, boys size XL shirts, size 7 shoes, Nerf stuff, movie certificate

Female, age 11: girls size 12 pants, girls size XL shirts, size 6 shoes, art stuff, scrap booking stuff, movie certificate

Female, age 34: size 18 pants, size 2X shirts, movie certificate, towels, dish towels, laundry basket, laundry soap and dryer sheets, queen sheets and pillowcases


Male, age 6: size 7 slim pants, boys size M or 7-8 shirts, anything Super Mario Brothers or Angrybirds, Legos, twin sheets and bedspreads

Female, age 33: size 2X shirts, womens size 18-20 pants, pots and pans, household items, queen size bedspread and sheets


Male, age 9: boys size 10 pants and shirts, size 7 socks, board games, books, loves history books, boy stuff

Male, age 5: boys size 6 slim pants and shirts, size 6 socks trucks, games, boy stuff


Female, age 8: girls size 10/Large jeans and sweaters, hat, gloves, scarves, games, books, dolls

Female, age 28: size XL clothes, hat, gloves, scarves


Male, age 8: boys size 10 pants, size 10-12 shirts, size 3 shoes, Pokemon cards, Lego sets, loves to build

Female, age 43: size 20 pants, size 3X shirts, size 7 1/2 shoes


Male, age 13: mens size L hoodie sweats, gloves

Male, age 11: mens size M hoodie sweats, gloves

Female, age 47: Walmart gift card, cleaning items

Family: board games, card games, puzzles


Female, age 61: size 44 long sleeve white blouse for good, size 20 petite blue jeans with elastic waist, grocery store gift card, country western CD (older artists)

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