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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Brockshus, Krukow say this is final term

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brockshus, Skow keep seats on board of supervisors

Two familiar faces will remain on the Clay County Board of Supervisors.

Retired Iowa State Patrol trooper Joe Skow and longtime businessman Del Brockshus retained their seats with 4,940 votes and 4,401 votes, respectively. Businessman Brad Smith, the lone Democrat on the ballot, picked up 3,611 votes for 28.88 percent of the vote.

"It makes me feel great," Skow said of earning 39.51 percent of the vote. "I'm very humbled and glad that I went out and worked hard at it and talked to a lot of people. I went to every corner of the county. I'm just very pleased to think that people have confidence in us. We're going to keep working hard and do what we feel is best for the county."

Brockshus echoed that sentiment.

"I want to express my appreciation and gratitude," he said. "I assured everyone I've done the same work I've done in the past and represent them the way I have."

Smith credited Skow and Brockshus for earning their positions.

"Del and Joe have done well for the county," Smith said. "I was just trying to get some different thinking in there. We'll see what tomorrow brings."

Smith said he would definitely consider running again, and he may have the opportunity to run for an empty seat in the future.

"This will be my last term," Brockshus announced. "I'm burning my signs -- what few I had."

He made it clear he has no intentions of being a lame duck, identifying several local and statewide issues he will continue to tackle.

"Certainly, we have the two physical projects: the jail and the west beltway," Brockshus said. "Those are two projects we've worked on some time and I'm glad to see those through.

"The concern I have with the county is the mental health redesigns the state is taking on -- removing responsibility of the counties to take care of their own ... and how that is going to affect everybody as far as taxes," Brockshus continued, referring to one of the committees of which he is a member.

"I'm glad Del was re-elected because he knows more about the mental health process in Clay County than any of the rest of the board members," Skow said. "We have a lot of confidence in his knowledge and leadership in that role."

Skow is looking forward to continuing to work with state legislators, including newly elected Rep. Megan Hess, to "either get more guidance or changes to do what's best for people that need that care. We do not want to resort to waiting lists for people who need help."

On the topic of commercial property taxes, which Gov. Terry Branstad has proposed be rolled back 40 percent over five years, Brockshus expressed optimism that reform would not hurt counties and cities.

"I'm hopeful that rather than just concentrate on simply commercial property tax that they will be revisiting the entire tax structure," Brockshus said. "A lot of what we do anymore is keeping an eye on what the state is doing and having input on decisions they're making."

While Brockshus plans to step away, he also plans to encourage others to run for office.

"I've had a number of people approach me about running for office and I always encourage them to do that regardless if they're Republican or Democrat, simply because the process is so great," Brockshus said. "I think it's a grand experiment and one that anyone who has any interest in running sure should take a shot."

Skow credited a high turnout for the results.

"Thanks for the great turnout," Skow said. "I failed to mention in other interviews how much we appreciate all the township trustees and all the people who volunteer for Clay County. It's tremendous. I don't know what we'd do without them."

Clay County Board of Supervisors Final Vote:

(R)Del Brockshus: 4,401 (35.2 percent)

(R)Joe Skow: 4,940 (39.51 percent)

(D)Brad Smith: 3,611 (28.88 percent)

Krukow claims lopsided sherriff's race

Randy Krukow, with 38 years of law enforcement experience, will continue his career, winning the Clay County Sheriff's race with 80 percent of the vote against Steven E. Koenig, who was nominated by petition.

"First of all, I just have to thank Jesus for this victory. Without faith, family and friends I don't know what I would do," Krukow said. "I want to thank my wife, my staff and all those people who supported me."

The sheriff also suggested this will be his last campaign.

"I've been doing this for 12 years, finishing my third term. I'm looking forward to serving this next, and probably my last, term. I've enjoyed it. I still enjoy it, but in four years, citizens will get to elect a new sheriff."

Krukow captured 6,341 of the votes cast, while Koenig received support from 1,582 Clay County voters.

"I'm totally impressed with the people," Koenig said. "I have to say that I enjoyed doing it ... I didn't realize how many friends I had in the community, whether they voted for me or not. I live in the best part of Iowa and the best part of the United States."

He continued, "I hope people understood my point - the reason I was running - to bring some stuff in the open."

Koenig expressed a concern about the children, wanting to see a focus on the DARE program, and a need for what he suggested is great courtesy to the public.

"We'll see if Randy does what he says he's going to do," Koenig said.

Krukow is pleased he will remain in office to see the completion of the Clay County Jail.

"That was something that was put on us. The state definitely would have shut us down," Krukow said. "The inspector said to me, 'You know Randy, you'd have been shut down around the first of the year if this had not passed.'"

He added, "We would have been putting out $500,000 a year to another county for room and board."

Krukow noted his effort to get tough on drugs since taking the office, including his office's collaboration with the Northwest Iowa Drug Task Force.

"We've nipped some of those in the bud," Krukow said. "There's still plenty out there, but we've got them looking over their shoulders."

He also takes pride in working with the late Cynthia Beauman on the Lifesaver Iowa project, to assist in the safe care of the elderly and those with special needs.

Clay County Sheriff Final Vote:

(R)Randy Krukow: 6,341 (80.03 percent)

(NBP)Steve Koenig: 1,582 (19.97 percent)

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