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Don't judge me

Saturday, November 3, 2012

When I was in upper elementary school and middle school, the "word" was "whatever." Everyone said it. It was similar to "I don't care," in that it stated a level of indecision, but "whatever" took it one step further with its thinly-veiled apathy.

These days, "whatever" has been passed down to the early childhood and mid-elementary students (I'm serious), and a new phrase has come up: "Don't judge me."

It may have started from an honest plea, asking someone to love them despite a choice, or a mistake, they have made.

These days, it seems to be more of an excuse to throw caution into the wind, down the hill, and across the field.

Yesterday, the day after Halloween, TextsFromLastNight launched "Photos from last night", tweeting, "Sometimes texts just aren't enough, especially after Halloweeks like these ..."

TextsFromLastNight are funny. Photos From Last Night are sad.

In several of the photos, people drunk beyond their capacity are lying face down on the floor. A few have "Don't Judge Me" PostIt-noted to their back.

I'm all for not judging. Frankly, it's not my job. For someone who has made a conscious decision that may not necessarily fall in line with what I agree with, more power to them. It's not my place to say "you're wrong" just because I don't agree with the decision made.

However, people who use the phrase as an excuse to step out of common sense are not entitled to throw the words around however they choose. I'd only suggest that those people consider the actions they're asking others not to judge.

I'm sorry if you don't agree. Please don't judge me.

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Kate Padilla