Awareness month

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I've noticed more and more each October, how many "months" there are in these 31 days. Each group and cause seems to have their own designated time of awareness and for some reason, October is the chosen time for many of them.

There are 35 special interest groups celebrating awareness this October, more than any other month.

I understand Breast Cancer Awareness. It's a big deal, and there's an actual reminder that comes attached. Plus, many of us know a woman (or man) struggling or surviving with breast cancer, at least indirectly.

I understand Clergy Appreciation Month and American Pharmacist Month. It's nice to be appreciated, I think we all can agree.

But what about some of the others. For example, National Squirrel Awareness Month? I'm quite certain that, especially in the autumn - acorn-dropping season - we're all already aware.

Additionally, can we not combine pizza, popcorn, pork, and sausage into one category? I assume, then, that some of the same can be done with some of the health-affiliated titles. Specifically, can Healthy Lung Month be combined with another respiratory-involved celebration? I suppose, however, that celebrating health is always appropriate.

Health Literacy month is great, but won't we be reading up on Dental Hygiene Month, Down Syndrome Month, Rett Syndrome Month, Domestic Violence and Abuse Month, Medical Ultrasound Month, Disability Awareness Month, Celiac Sprue Month, Lupus Erythematosus Month, Infertility Awareness Month, Physical Therapy Month, Manic Attacker Month, LGBT History Month, Spina Bifida Month, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Month, World Blindness Month and Dwarfism Month to be literate enough without the added paperwork?

In the same way, can the Filipino Americans, Italian Americans, Polish Americans, German Americans, and Hispanic Americans possibly share? They likely celebrate the same time anyway, with their own cultural twist.

Do we really need a month dedicated to Cyber Awareness and Auto Battery Safety?

I love holidays. I can get behind Fair Trade Month, even Arts & Humanities Month. But how many am I supposed to recognize before I simply run out of energy? Am I rude for not celebrating them all?

Let's just round them all together. October is, from now on, simply Awareness Month.

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