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A wide array of interesting things to see

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mother Nature's been a bit of a show-off lately, blessing us with sunny days, nights with just enough chill to warrant an extra blanket on the bed, and that uniquely fall light that makes the hues of the changing leaves seem even more other-worldly beautiful than can be imagined.

I've been struck so many times, while simply going about my day, by the natural beauty that surrounds us.

A normal 10-minute drive to work, with the sunrise breaking over nearly-harvested fields, becomes a meditation on how blessed we are to live in this beautiful corner of the world. And, as if to toy with me, a mother deer and her twin babes struck a pose the other day, heads swiveled to watch me, as they meandered down a path by Stolley's pond, the mist rising over the water an exclamation point to the perfect scene.

My camera, which I carry with me 95 percent of the time, was sitting on the kitchen counter. I'd taken it out of the car the evening before, and failed to grab it on my way to work.

You'll have to take my word for it - that was an incredible vista.

A trip south to Buena Vista county on Saturday revealed more fall beauty - with the haze rising over the fields as the combines moved like giant insects over the fields. The valleys were ablaze with color. The trip home a couple of hours later, with a harvest moon lighting my way, was magical.

We've all heard that Iowa is boring. As a state we're flat, uninteresting, with little "exciting" natural beauty of note.

I'm willing to bet those who say that haven't had the pleasure of an autumn walk down one of our sun-dappled lanes or byways. The quiet beauty of our Octobers is world class.


While we're talking about chilly evenings, I'm putting a call out for your old quilts.

The Parker Historical Society is hosting an exhibit of vintage quilts, from Nov. 23-Dec. 3. We are seeking vintage quilts, over 50 years old, with interesting designs or stories behind them.

This weekend found me burrowing through my storage chests, seeking the "Drunkard's Path" quilt created by my great-grandmother a century ago. I was struck, once again, by the intricate hand-sewing done to create the design, and the relatively good condition the piece was in, given its long use and age.

I hope I look so good at the century mark.

If you have a quilt the Parker Historical Society could consider for use in the display, send an email to Cindy McGranahan at parkermuseum@smunet.net. Please include a photo and information about the quilt. Or, you can call Cindy at 262-3304, or stop by the Clay County Heritage Center Tuesday through Friday, for more information.


Have you purchased your ticket yet for the Spencer Community Theatre production of "Little Shop of Horrors?"

From what I've heard, Audrey II alone is worth the price of admission. The man-eating star of the show is a technological wonder. The live cast is pretty great as well.

The show will run for three weeks, opening on Oct. 12, and running Oct. 12-14; Oct. 19-21; and Oct. 26-27.

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