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Friday, May 6, 2016

No drama, please

Friday, September 28, 2012

Internationally known author and speaker Donald Miller recently wrote about a friend of his who has an interesting and unusual email signature. Every email he sends has a simple statement at the bottom next to his name: "No Drama."

Drama is a big part of our lives, unfortunately. Some of us were raised in homes with a lot of drama. Some of us have friends we might refer to as "Drama Queens," because of their propensity for always causing a ruckus. There are some people who just have a knack for making a really big deal out of things that aren't that big of a deal. And sometimes, those people are us.

Whenever drama begins to unfold in our lives there are emotions in play. Drama might be caused by a fear of something happening that we don't want to happen. Or it might be caused by anger towards something or someone. Our drama might be caused by sadness, anxiety, loneliness, a desire for attention, or any other number of feelings. Whatever its cause, usually there's just a little more drama involved than necessary.

Think of a time you were in crisis and someone really came through and resolved the situation. Was it the person freaking out? Probably not. The people who have our respect, the people who are able to come through, those who are able to lead, and those who are best at problem solving, are usually those who keep calm. Those who keep their wits about them are usually best equipped to deal with stressful situations and to help others do the same.

It's interesting what happens in the Bible when God has an encounter with human beings. Whether it was Jesus meeting his friends after the resurrection, the angel coming to proclaim his birth, or the heavenly visitor greeting Daniel by the river, there is always a common theme. "Do not fear." "Be not afraid." "Fear not." When God has an interaction with people, people quite understandably have a tendency to freak out. It is no small thing to encounter God, and I imagine most of us would freak out just a little in those situations. But in those situations God is heard saying, "Relax."

What would be different in your life if we all committed to a no-drama policy? How much less stressful would it be if we learned to relax, take a deep breath, say a prayer, and gather ourselves before reacting to the things life throws at us? As you encounter stressful situations in your life, remember the times people in the Bible were freaked out by encountering God. Remember how God stepped in with a calm voice and calm presence. And maybe you can begin to lead a movement for change in your home, your office, your church, or your school. A no-drama policy just might provide the stress relief you need.

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