Future lighting change joins city and SMU

Friday, September 28, 2012

In the next years, lighting the fields in the Spencer parks will become more efficient.

The park board, at their Sept. 18 meeting, discussed the future replacement of all of the lights in the parks.

The conversation began when Del Bredehoeft, executive director of the parks, informed the board of the new transformers that will be installed in Pederson Park.

Pederson is the only park in the city that uses its size of transformers, and Spencer Municipal Utilities has decided to replace it with the same size of transformer as the other parks.

In talks to replace the transformer, representatives from the city and SMU began talking about replacing the lights in the parks' fields.

"This project would likely be done in three phases," Bredehoeft said. "Costs would be shared between the city and SMU."

"The timing is right to make the upgrades," SMU General Manager Steve Pick said. "We're talking with the city on the right way to do that. We'd like the parks to be as efficient as possible."

Though the only discussions thus far have been budgetary, Bredehoeft estimates that the new lights will use LED technology, and will resemble the lights on the racetrack at the Clay County Fairgrounds.

"The current lights have a lower voltage that we don't use anymore," Pick said. "We had some of the same lighting downtown, and we retired that a year or two ago in one of the alleys. We're getting to the point that we don't have a lot of parts for these lights."

This winter, the city, SMU and the youth leagues will get together and discuss a program for how to proceed.

"We'd like the parks to be as efficient as possible," Pick said. "Everybody is talking about things changed."

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