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Dandy fair in the books

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The smell of the fair lingers in my garage.

Ok, I'll be honest, it's the smell of the cattle barns, and it's emanating from the boots family members were kind enough to abandon prior to entering my home.

Some sad, lonely cotton candy remains on my countertop.

A couple thousand photos must be sorted into some semblance of organization on my computer desktop.

And my refrigerator is bare.

When the carnival pulls up its tents, the last draft horse ca-lumps its way onto its semi, and the grandstand lights go dark, I'm left with a period of re-entry into normal life.

Call it my "post-fair funk."

Sure, my diet is now considerably healthier. I'll get my required eight hours of sleep. My husband has waved goodbye to the in-laws and assorted relatives of the wife who have camped out in our home.

In other words, it's normal again.

And that's nice.

But, wasn't it a great nine days we've just had? And, wasn't it fun to be "not normal" for nine days, but "extra special" and "world's greatest"?

Fair manager Jeremy Parsons, in his inaugural fair, shepherded another superb event. We saw his fingerprints on some new initiatives, and we got enough of a glimpse of his style and vision for the fair to be even more excited about the Clay County Fairs to come.

Clay County Fair 2012 was a dandy, that's for sure.

We all have our favorite events, vendors, fair foods. And every family has its own traditions. We all like to discover new things though, and the fair never disappoints. There's always something new to get excited about.

So, for nine days we discovered, ate, rode, volunteered, ate, clapped, ate....

And now it's time to rest and reflect.

And, it's time to thank Parsons, his staff; Fair President Dave Simington, his board; the workers, volunteers, and everyone who made it so great.

We're all tired and groggy, a bit like kids on the 26th of December. After all, it seems like a long time until Fair 2013 rolls around.

But, we know that when that next fair rolls around, it's going to be another "world's greatest."

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By Paula Buenger