Honoring those who deserve it

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Vietnam War veterans were not treated very well.

As a matter of fact, they were treated horribly.

I'm not sure what was wrong with people back then. Maybe too much free love, peace and natural intoxicants were lingering in the air, but people were downright hideous to the young men who braved the jungles under the flag of America then returned home to be spat on.


But now, there are those seeking to find Vietnam veterans and pay them the proper respect they deserve, albeit somewhat late for many.

I received a letter from Thomas Brickman, a Vietnam veteran himself, and he is attempting to locate photos of all the Fallen Iowa Vietnam Soldiers, which will then be placed in the education center to be built near the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C.

To date, they have located more than 175 pictures and have about 375 of 853 they are seeking. It is the goal of the Brickman family to locate them all.

They aren't necessarily seeking a military picture. A senior picture or obituary picture would work as well.

Mr. Brickman and Shari Kirkpatrick, of Reinbeck, are asking for our help. Now is a chance to show them how much their service meant to us.

Below is a list of those in Clay County for whom they still need pictures. If you can help, please contact Brickman at 319-987-2523 or Kirkpatrick at 319-939-3463. They also maintain a website at facestogowithnames@yahoo.com.

The photos they need are for the following:

Larry Michael AndersonPFC ArmySpencer
Vernon Gail BergquistSP4 ArmySpencer
Leonard E. Borchard Jr.PFC ArmySpencer
William Ellyn FollowSgt Air ForceEverly
Dennis Edward KoeppSP5 ArmyWebb
Wayne Thomas McGuireSP4 ArmyPeterson
Donald Eugene ScottPFC ArmySpencer

If you can help this noble project, and offer a final thank you to these special people who gave all in defense of this country, please do.

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