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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Breaking the chains of campaign trash

Friday, August 17, 2012

There's no doubt that both sides of the aisles could learn a lesson or two about civility when it comes to election campaigns. The rhetoric is bad enough in Washington during non-election years, but when the race is contested, the gloves come off. Which probably wouldn't be bad as long, as you could tape the mouths shut.

Case in point, this week, Vice President Joe Biden opened his mouth and out came perhaps one of the most offensive suggestions I've heard in a long time from a politician.

Speaking to a crowd, many of whom were African Americans, in southern Virginia, Biden played the ultimate race card, suggesting that the electing Romney to lead the land would "put ya'll back in chains."

Are you serious? Did he really just say that? It's not like he hasn't jammed his foot in his pie-hole on more than one occasion. Plenty of politicians have. But man, to go there is just a new level of sleaze.

Comparing a Romney Presidency to slavery.

There's plenty of issue to talk about. Important matters to address in the sphere of economics, world climate, social matters and leadership skills. So why do we always come back to some ridiculous attack suggesting Romney wants to enslave - not Biden - buy "ya'll."

That's not presidential nor is it vice presidential. I'm disappointed in President Barack Obama for not standing up and pointing out the ridiculousness of the statement. Instead, he stood by his man and suggested he was taken out of context.

No, that's pretty much in context, and many, on both sides of the aisle, expressed disappointment over the comments.

Think before you speak politicians. That goes for Republicans and Democrats. Stick to the issues and demonstrate to the next generation of American voters there is still a degree of civility in campaign elections.

I cringed while watching "The Campaign," the comedy about the world of politics. I thought to myself, "how slimy, how sad, how realistic."

Shame on our politicians for bringing us to that level.

But this Biden thing takes it to a whole new depth.

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Randy Cauthron
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