SCT honors top stage efforts

Thursday, August 16, 2012
SCT also acknowledged Cara Gerlock, who is stepping down from her position after six years of service. The audience joined in singing a song to her. (Photo by Kate Padilla)

Spencer Community Theatre held its annual awards banquet Wednesday night. In addition to welcoming new managing artistic director, Evan Hilsadeck, the theater honored exemplary on- and off-stage performances from the 2011-12 theater season.

On-stage performances

* Best Lead Actor: Dan Mayes, as Judas. "Jesus Christ Superstar"

* Best Lead Actress: Connie Goeken, as Ouiser Boudreaux. "Steel Magnolias."

* Best Supporting Actor: Jerry MacNeil, as Victor Velasco. "Barefoot in the Park."

0. Best Supporting Actress: Kella Klinker-Simonin, as Ethel Banks. "Barefoot in the Park."

* Best Actor in a Featured/Cameo Role: Mark Joenks, as Delivery Man. "Barefoot in the Park."

* Best Actress in a Featured/Cameo Role: Barb Ambrosius, as King Herod. "Jesus Christ Superstar"

* Best Actor in a Chorus Role: Marc Benedict. "Jesus Christ Superstar"

* Best Actress in a Chorus Role: Jane Jans. "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Off-stage performances

* Directing Team: Kelly Klinker-Simonin and Charlie Carter. "Steel Magnolias"

* Music Direction: Teresa Ortman. "Ring of Fire"

* Choreography: Sarah Jans Andresen and Melisa Wallace. "Ring of Fire"

* Costume Design Team: Katie Hughes, Marta Johnson and Kristi Busse. "Jesus Christ Superstar"

SCT selected Farmer's & Savings Bank for their Shakespeare Award this year. Farmer's Trust & Savings Bank has been with the theater since its beginning, and has helped by offering both their finances and their people to SCT. (Photo by Kate Padilla)

* Set Design: Roger Patridge. "Steel Magnolias"

* Scenic Decor: Shaley Cullen. "Jesus Christ Superstar"

* Lighting Design: Roger Patridge. "Jesus Christ Superstar"

* Sound Design: Sarah Jans Andresen. "Ring of Fire"

* Hair and Makeup: Kristoffer Pirie and Lindsey Matthiesen. "Steel Magnolias"

* Properties: Jane Jans, Kathy Krebsbach and Marybeth Quattlebaum. "Barefoot in the Park"

* Stage Management: Jane Jans and Marybeth Quattlebaum. "Barefoot in the Park"

* Best Crew: Kristoffer Pirie, hair and make-up design. "Steel Magnolias"

In addition to performance awards, SCT also gives a Shakespeare Award and a Volunteer-of-the-Year award. The Shakespeare Award acknowledges a business, individual, organization or group that has significantly supported the theater over the past season. This year's winner is Farmers Trust & Savings Bank.

Brent Burns was named this year's Volunteer-of-the-Year. Burns began in 2010 by handing out bug spray and programs for the production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." This year, he participated in productions including "Barefoot in the Park," "All In the Timing," and "Paddy's Pub Party at the Playhouse." (Photo by Kate Padilla)

This year's Volunteer-of-the-Year award was presented to Brent Berends.

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