'I share myself through what I create'

Friday, August 10, 2012
(from left to right): Flourish Original Series, polymer clay and paint, 9-piece series; Red Heart, polymer clay; Designs & Ornamentation, polymer clay, ink, paint & wire. "From the Studio of Amy Christie" will be on display until Sept. 22.

Amy Christie showcases work in new Arts on Grand exhibit

The newest Arts on Grand exhibit is "From the Studio of Amy Christie," a collection of polymer clay paintings and sculptures that focus on heavy texture and deep, jewel-toned colors.

Christie is a native of the Emmetsburg area, and lives now near Minneapolis/St. Paul. Though she works primarily in polymer clay, she is a mixed-media artist, and creates her accents with paint, ink, and wire.

"Art is really the sharing of thoughts, observations, experiences, and interpretations of living," Christie said in her artist's statement. "As all artists do, I share myself through what I create."

For Christie, art is a form of communication, a conversation between the artist and the spectator.

"To me, the art doesn't stop with the structure or appearance of an object I create. The piece is only complete when another person takes it in and makes use of it."

She adds, "If we share ourselves in whatever medium we choose, we have shared a most precious gift that can affect anyone willing to receive it."

"From the Studio of Amy Christie" will be on display until Sept. 22.

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