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Pastor's Column

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do you need a good washing? The Bible talks about how Jesus washed the Church with the water of the Word. He filled a whole book with words just for us! It shows us how meaningful words are to God. Think about it... He spoke everything into existence. It makes me think, what are we speaking into existence in the lives of others? You may ask, "Do we have that kind of authority?" I think we do! Think about the words you say to your kids or your spouse. Words carry power! We could wash each other with NICE, GOOD, PLEASANT, TRUE Words. People hear enough bad stuff, don't they? What a refreshing thing to get washed with kind words! I tend to talk about this lots... building others up with good words. I realize that some would say, "But what about correction? What if we need to tell someone what they're doing wrong?" Do you know you can correct someone and actually build them up during it? That can really work! You can be a skillful surgeon! They can be better after the operation... not just cut up and wounded! If you put forth the effort, you can find twice as many good words to say as "corrective" words. We can all get pretty negative at times. Examine your mouth's output. Do you have anything good to say about anyone? I once knew a lady who spoke negatively about EVERYONE! I figured she probably did about me, too! (You know what they say... "If they talk to you about others, they probably talk to others about you.") It wasn't very fun to hang out with her and often, downright scary. I also know a lady who speaks only good things about folks. I sure enjoy being around her! I always look forward to her upbeat talk! People like that are jewels. They should be treasured! I think we should begin to purposely use pleasant words to the folks around us. Use words that are really in your heart. If you love someone, let them know! If you think they're pretty, tell them! If you love their shoes, don't just stare... compliment! If you go to church, tell the worship team, "Great job!" How about the Kid's ministry workers? These are the ones who teach your kids! I'll bet they'd treasure a kind word or 10. (Have you worked in the nursery when all of the babies are crying at one time? I'll bet you'd enjoy a kind word after a morning of that too!) Get creative! Think about what you'd like to do with your words. Try to single out a person each day and tell them one thing you see that's great about them. We can build people up! I think God would like to see us do it. If we're His kids, we surely realize that God likes it when the family loves one another! Don't you love it when your kids are sweet to each other? God does too. But what do you say? What if you're shy? Start somewhere! Look at who they are and what they do! You can see a strength! Write them a letter if you cannot find the words to say it out loud! And don't forget... your words are containers! They carry something good or bad. Fill up your vocabulary with love and let it out! Plan a love sentence and say it on purpose. You'll be acting just like Jesus!