Coming together to lift up our own

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If I needed another reason to love to call this area home, or just a reminder of what a big-hearted community we have, the recent tragic loss of one of our areas' own precious little ones shone a light on our best nature.

The love and compassion flowing from the community, and the grace and strength shown by the grieving parents, illustrates God's hand in our lives.

In times of tragedy and heartache, we're there to support one another. We need to continue to be there, to support this family, in the days, weeks and months ahead.

We also need to support the lifeguards and staff of the Spencer Family Aquatic Center. These young men and women are hurting deeply, and they need our compassion and care as well.

Let's continue to lift this family up in our hearts and in prayer over the tough days ahead.


It takes just one or two, however, to cast a stain on so many loving thoughts and actions. We've disabled the comments on our stories regarding the tragedy, at the request of a close family member.

While most of the comments on our website showed support and love, just a couple were inappropriate in this time of sadness.

We will not be a part of causing any more grief to those already in such pain.


Mother Nature turned up the heat this past weekend, just in time for Flagfest. The sizzling temperatures didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the crowds on hand for the wide array of activities, however.

The parade route was packed, several deep, up and down the parade route for another grand editio of Spencer's summer extravaganza. I found a spot under a tree in the courthouse lawn to watch the final yards of the parade, and the shady patch of green was a favorite for many others.

The Grand Cruise was again "grand," with polished up beauties parked bumper to bumper, ready to be oohed" and "aaahed" over. Proud owners were happy to share the stories of their rides, and explain why this particular car captured their heart.

I've always thought an old-fashioned street dance under the stars is a wonderful American summer tradition, and it was clear that lots of folks feel the same way, judging from the crowds on hand.

Flagfest has changed over the years, events added and subtracted, and that's a part of an evolving, living event. But, the roots in celebrating our country, our community, remain strong.

Thanks to all who worked so hard to bring the fun to town!


If you like sports, any sport, this past weekend was a big one on the national stage.

The Belmont Stakes.

The French Open.

Stanley Cup finals.

NBA playoffs.

Golf, gymnastics, swimming, NASCAR, boxing....sports fans were in heaven.

And then we saw high school softball and baseball, the Flagfest junior tourney on Friday, youth softball and baseball and the World of Outlaws on Friday night.

"Honey do" lists probably didn't get many items crossed off!

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