Dealing with predators

Saturday, June 23, 2012

So the jury deliberates.

And a nation awaits.

My guess is most minds are already made up in most homes with regards to the guilt or innocence of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who stands accused of more than 40 counts involving sexual assault on young boys.

Sandusky's adopted son is now accusing his father of molesting him, although it's not directly associated with charges in this case.

If you believe the testimony against the former coach and youth foundation operator, this man was a master groomer and emotional manipulator. Like most pedophiles and child molesters, he managed to convince those around him that he had the best interests of the young men at heart, while what he truly had in mind was his own devious and evil desires.

While we await the verdict, I find it difficult to believe that this is just some crazy conspiracy to take down this highly-respected man of influence. A majority of the time, where there's this amount of smoke, there's most certainly a fire at its heart. In this particular case, it's a five-alarm blaze.

If and when the jury finds Sandusky guilty of all the horrific stories which have played out in the courtroom in recent days, there will be no punishment adequate for the crimes he had committed.

He should be locked away in a hole so deep and so dark that he never sees the light of day again. I'm not interested in hearing about his rights. What about the rights of all those young men whose trust he violated as he "allegedly" preyed upon them?

Quite frankly - and this goes for all child predators - they should all be handled like you would handle a rabid dog.

Much like these child pervs, rabid dogs can't be cured and are a danger to society. So you put them down to protect society.

Unfortunately, we tend to feel pity for these poor, misunderstood and sympathetic creatures. No, not the dogs, the child rapists. And often we try to rehabilitate and release them back into the public, knowing full well that, given the opportunity, they will strike again and create new victims.

And we'll all cover our mouths in shock, and the legal system will apologize with the standard "oops," and following another lengthy and expensive trial - put them behind bars or not.

Sadly, sometimes they escape on technicalities or face no jail time at all.

If I sound a bit angry, I am. I can't imagine the pain these poor children endured or the nightmares they've been subject to since the ordeal. We've heard from a few victims in the case of Sandusky, but I doubt there aren't many more who didn't want to come forward.

I have no way of knowing what fate awaits Sandusky. We don't even know what verdict the jury will return with, so talking about sentencing and parole is probably pointless at this time. But a clear message needs to be sent to all the other animals out there who seek out innocent children and steal their youth.

There's no recidivism rate for child molesters who share the same fate as a rabid dog. Just my two cents.

I guess the sex offenders can rest easy since I'm neither a judge nor a lawmaker.