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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Randy's Review: 'Prometheus'

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scares missing from solid tale

Described by many as director Ridley Scott's prequel to his popular "Alien" film series, which helped launch the career of Siquorney Weaver, "Prometheus" confirms that man will continue to search for confirmation of its beginnings long into the future.

In the original Alien, which introduced us to monster terror in space when it hit screens in 1979, Weaver played Ripley, a crew member aboard the Nostromo, who battles to remain alive aboard the craft after picking up a nearly indestructible, murderous creature while responding to a distress call. Alien offers glimpses of a more humanoid alien race which had fallen prey to the lizard-like beasts.

Scroll to the past of our future. Say what? Prometheus, which takes place in our future - from 2089 to 2093 - but still long before the events of Alien, gives us a little better look at that more humanoid race.

On earth, a pair of young lovebird scientists, one of faith and one of evolution, are tracking a series of ancient drawings from unrelated and unconnected origins. They are convinced the drawings are pointing to earth's beginnings in a distant galaxy. Agreeing with their findings, the aging owner of Weyland Corporation finances a space exploration vessel to journey to this place beyond our solar system to find the source of creation. Along to facilitate the trip, a stoic corporate representative Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) and a synthetic human - aka robot - named David (Michael Fassbender), who are on board to oversee and ensure the success of the mission.

Once on the planet, they find more than they bargain for and engage in an effort to save the future of mankind.

Members of the crew begin to show signs of trouble and are slowly transformed and, one-by-one, tragedy begins to take them out. Much like the original Alien, Scott is not afraid to knock off key characters early in the film to let you know that anyone is fair game.

What the team also discovers on the foreign world are items which were more or less set decoration in the original Alien film. Fans of the horror movie will recognize some of the alien craft and space attire from the previous film.

The movie offers no direct links to the original Alien film in terms of its monsters, and it certainly isn't as edge-of-your-seat scary.

With that said, Prometheus offers quality acting, a great script, plenty to ponder as you wonder what's going to happen next, and amazing visuals.

Theron - who stole the show as the evil queen in Snow White last week - is equally creepy as the corp shill for Wayland Corp. Fassbender is amazing as the robot whose role may be more than it appears. And big love to Noomi Rapace, who is great as the faith-filled scientist, Elizabeth Shaw - searching for evidence to support her faith and then turning to it to get her through the horror she encounters.

It's a thriller but doesn't pack the scary punch of the original Alien. It wasn't meant to. But the end leads you to believe there is more to tell in the Prometheus saga.

Randy's Review - Prometheus

On a scale of 5 popcorn buckets, Prometheus fills 3 1/2 buckets. Don't be afraid to drench it in butter, you won't spill any. There aren't any big jump moments. MPAA Rating: R (for sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language) Run Time: 2 hours 4 minutes. This film was previewed at Southpark 7 in Spencer.

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