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Monday, May 2, 2016

Gender selection abortion represents new level of evil

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A bill to outlaw abortions based on the unborn child's race or gender died Thursday in the United States House, where it failed to get the two-thirds vote it needed to pass.

What disgusts me even more than the fact that the effort to prevent this gender-specific genocide from continuing failed, is the sad fact that we need a law to prevent it to begin with.

Adolph Hitler had innocent people slaughtered in an effort to create the master race. That master race was based on Hitler's perspective. Those who didn't fit into it -- Jews, blacks, etc -- were believed to be expendable. Some were burned in ovens, others were treated like animals, and still others were used in experimentation. Pretty sick and disturbing stuff.

America tried to turn a blind eye to it as long it could, allowing these behaviors to go on right below our noses, until we finally stood up and said enough is enough.

We criticize China's policies regarding the birth of daughters. Our hearts ache when we hear about the mutilation of children in war-torn African nations.

Yet in our own country, abortions to eliminate the unborn when their gender winds up conflicting with the desire of the parent or parents is allowed.

It makes me sick, I mean physically ill.

Killing your child because it's a girl rather than a boy, or vice-versa?

As if the practice of abortion for convenience - or perhaps inconvenience if you prefer - isn't bad enough; now we're talking about abortions based solely on a child's gender.

We kill our children because they will be born with special needs. They aren't perfect and will require extra attention.

We kill our children because we're not ready. It's not convenient to be pregnant right now. It will interfere with my life.

And now we're killing our unborn because she might not be the quarterback we've always dreamed of, or because he might not want to wear the pretty dresses I've already picked out for him.

This is a horror and affront to our culture. It's a slap in God's face.

A child is a gift from God, but apparently we now, as society, know better than God what gender his blessing should be.

Thank you God, we appreciate the whole baby thing, but we were kind of hoping for a boy, so we're just going to snuff out the life of this girl.

Someday people, we're going to have to stand before God and answer for the kind of things we did nothing about while we're blessed enough to walk this earth. We're going to have to answer for what we've done with the life and choices we were faced with.

I don't want to have to explain why I sat by and watched this kind of genocide go on without issuing a challenge.

What has our country come to? We've hit some real lows, but this behavior takes it to a whole new level. What we've come to tolerate in this country is beyond explanation. Say a prayer folks. The United States and its people need some healing.

Randy Cauthron
One Man's Perspective