Talking Points

Saturday, May 19, 2012

GOP District 2 candidates set to debate

The Spencer Daily Reporter and other area media will join together to conduct the District 2 Republican candidate debate Thursday, May 24, in council chambers at Spencer City Hall.

Candidates Megan Hess and Josh Davenport will answer questions from a media panel as well as those posed by members of the audience, through the moderator, in a format that is anticipated to last approximately an hour. Time may be extended if questions remain.

The public is invited to attend but seating will be limited, so those wishing to participate should arrive early.

"I am very much looking forward to Thursday night's event," Davenport said. "A primary race

is a healthy process for our Republican Party to select a candidate and I hope that many will come Thursday night and take advantage of the opportunity to take part in something that is very important to the public servant/constituent relationship."

"I look forward to sharing my five goals as state legislator with voters; goals that I have rooted in principles of smaller government and smarter spending," Hess said, looking ahead to the debate.

The debate will be broadcast live on SMU Channel 2 and then rebroadcast at various times leading up to the election Tuesday, June 5.

Each candidate will be allowed some time for opening comments, will face questions from the media panel, be allowed limited opportunity for rebuttal, and will also be asked to respond to questions submitted to the evening's moderator by audience members. The evening will conclude with brief closing remarks.