Notes from a quick NBA season

Friday, April 27, 2012

Talk about a fast season - it doesn't just seem like the NBA lockout took longer than the regular season, it actually did. The season is already over, with the important stuff about to go down - the Playoffs.

Before we see if LeBron can win his first of "not five, not six, not seven" rings, let's look back at a season unlike any other. A 66-game season that featured teams playing three nights in a row.

What started out as gloom and doom in August with David Stern adamantly standing his ground on "fixing the league's finances," everyone's Christmas Day was a little brighter when NBA basketball was. I know the first thing I did was hold my new baby up to the screen and show him LeBron James on Dec. 25. A Christmas tradition in our home.

After the New Year, the season was off at a break-neck pace, cramming as many games as possible into the shortened season so the Playoffs could begin in April.

Notable moments began as soon as the lockout ended. The Lakers were going to acquire Chris Paul before David Stern, the "owner" of the Hornets, halted the trade. The fallout sent Lamar Odom out of town, and ultimately out of the league by the end of the season.

Chris Paul still ended up in L.A., just with the bothersome Clippers. The Clippers are the team that wants to be taken seriously but people don't just forget about 30 years of futility overnight. Blake Griffin threw down some monster dunks over people, and also whined about taking too many hits. Griffin will soon learn there is a price to pay for his style of play.

Then came international phenomenon Jeremy Lin of the Knicks. Did you already forget about him? I almost did. Lin had one of the most remarkable meteoric rises to fame, and the meteor fell to earth nearly as fast. He needed surgery and missed the remainder of the season but what a week it was for "Linsanity."

Speaking of the Knicks, the way Carmelo Anthony forced out Mike D'Antoni as head coach this season was also remarkable. So was the 11-1 run the Knicks went on as soon as Mike Woodson took over.

A couple unsavory items of the season involved Delonte West sticking his finger into an opponent's ear, wet-willy style. Hadn't seen that one before. And leave it up to a guy named World Peace to deliver one of the more vicious elbows to someone's head while celebrating a dunk.

Another NBA season came and went too fast. Oh, well. Let's get these playoffs underway. I've got Miami to win.

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