Kix dancers finish well at Waverly

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Senior Kix Dance Team

On March 3, the Spencer Just For Kix Teams competed in the United We Dance Competition in Waverly at Wartburg College.

The event featured 80 competing teams, which included over 790 performers.

The Mini Kix (4th-6th grade), Mini Jazz (4th-6th grade), Middle Kix, (7th-8th grade), Middle Jazz (7th-8th grade), Senior Kix (9th-12th grade) and Senior Jazz (9th-12th grade) all competed in the competition.

Senior Kix, Middle Kix and Mini Kix all recorded first place finishes; Senior Jazz earned runner up honors; and Middle Jazz and Mini Kix received fifth place awards.

Senior Jazz Dance Team

The Spencer Just For Kix Dance Studio is in its eighth year of performance and includes area students, grades in PreK through 12th grade. The Just For Kix local director is Suzi Harper and she is assisted by Madi Fitch.

"I have always been so pleased with the girls' performances and their ability to be so successful at such a high level of competition. They work so hard throughout the year and I couldn't be happier for them. They always represent Spencer so well at competition. I cannot wait to see what the future brings for these talented girls," Harper said.

Middle Kix Dance Team
Mini Jazz Dance Team

Just For Kix is a national leader in dance instruction and is committed to youth advancement through performance. Based out of Brainerd, Minn, the organization has over 200 locations nationwide in 10 states.

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