Make Easter a time for renewal

Saturday, April 7, 2012

With unseasonably warm weather over the course of the last several weeks helping speed along those feelings and activities traditionally reserved for spring, we find ourselves embracing Easter this weekend.

Walkers are hitting the trails, grillers are grabbing their tongs, and golfers are working on their excuses. These particular endeavors, traditionally saved for weekends after Easter, have us all anticipating a great spring season and subsequent summer of fun.

So let's take a little time to honor and celebrate the importance of Easter weekend.

For me, I see it as an opportunity for personal renewal. It's a chance to experience rebirth of sorts in my own life.

In recent weeks, I've really found myself looking for ways to increase my Christian walk. Like many, I've tried before and failed greatly. And I'm sure I will continue to experience failures and disappointment in the journey because we can only aspire to be perfect husbands, fathers, neighbors and citizens. I've found it's a journey with no clear end and one that will never be truly complete because of our own human weakness. Nevertheless, we must try because it is what we are called to do.

Daily I look for new ways to lend myself to God's service on this planet, as a way to honor the sacrifice He made through the death of his son for my sake.

Think about what a great community we would live in if we all worked together to become a better spouse, parent and neighbor. Sure, we're going to fail at times. But if we were all moving in the same direction, just think what we could get done.

I know there are many out there who are great models in the community that we can all draw from.

Models of volunteerism.

Models of morality.

Models of outreach.

These persons are living examples of Jesus here on earth.

As we celebrate the Easter season, let's try to increase our own personal modeling in each of these areas, thereby transforming Spencer into a community demonstrating God's love through action.

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