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Back away from that petunia

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On your mark.... Get set.....


Mother Nature may be sending signals that it's time to get those flowers in the ground, and those plants in the garden, but it's important to take a look at the calendar.

Mother Nature can be a pretty capricious lady, and 90 degree heat on April 1 doesn't necessarily mean no snow on April 10.

It is Northwest Iowa, after all.

I know I've been chomping at the bit to get something done in my newly-created beds around my house. Shrubs? Perennials? A combination of the two? The choices are endless, and the urge is strong.

But, the voice of reason tells me that, with the moderating temperatures starting today, frost could easily nip tender transplanted flowers. Wait, gather ideas, dream a little bit.

The garden? Well, the old wives tale tells us that potatoes are best planted on Good Friday. That could tide over my green thumb a bit. And some radishes, peas, early lettuce. All good choices to start a garden safely with April just begun.

Farmers are in the blocks waiting, anxious, ready to roll. But, with crop insurance guidelines telling them to wait until at least April 11, they make do with spraying anhydrous and some field work.

She's a tease, that Mother Nature.

A show of hands, please. How many folks gave in to temptation and turned on the air conditioning on Sunday? As I watched the thermostat in my house go up, and up and up, I must say I was tempted. But, the conservative in me just couldn't justify a blast of cold air on April 1.

A cooling trend has brought with it cooler temperatures. Chilly, in fact, after what we've experienced the past week. The reality? The temperatures will be right in line with our average highs for the first week in April.

Summer? It will be here soon enough.

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