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What's the matter with people?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Staff writer Gabe Licht summed it up best this morning when he quoted country crooner Billy Currington's philosophical message, "God is great, beer is good and people are crazy."

We know this to be a fact. In the news business you get a lot of bizarre stories on a daily basis. Traditionally, these news pieces are based near the bigger cities on the coasts -where we all expect the whackadoos to concentrate - but apparently some of these crazies have found their way to Iowa and seem to be centered in the Mason City area.

Not certain what they're putting in their water east of us, but there's some insane criminal activity evidently going on over there.

Checking the AP wire Friday morning, these are some of the stories coming from that neck of the woods:

*A 30-year-old Mason City man is accused of attacking his parents. ... Police say he kicked in the door of his parents' home at midnight on Dec. 27. Court records say he entered his parents' bedroom and choked his father and punched his mother.

*A Mason City woman is accused of punishing her 22-month-old son by running a clothes dryer with him inside. ... According to police, the woman's son crawled into the dryer in the home's basement to hide. Officers say that when Hakes found her son, she closed the dryer door and turned it on for only a few seconds as punishment. The child wasn't injured.

And last but by no means least ...

*A northern Iowa man who allegedly performed a sex act on a dog has pleaded not guilty to a bestiality charge. ... The sheriff's department says Schindler, an employee of a farm cooperative in Ottosen, was delivering LP gas to a resident in rural Britt on Feb. 20 when the alleged incident occurred.

Please keep in mind, all of the folks who are accused in these incidents have yet to be convicted and I believe all three have declared their innocence.

These are certainly not the only strange criminal acts to have occurred in Iowa during the stretch dating back to late 2011. I don't mean to pick on the Mason City area; it just happens that's the general area where these select events occurred. Sadly, it's just a sampling of alleged incidents that make you wonder about the state of the human condition.

Why would a person attack his defenseless parents in their room in the middle of the night?

Rather than explaining the dangers of climbing into a dryer to the child, why would any mother fire the equipment up and instill that kind of helpless terror into a child under 2 years of age?

And finally, well, why dude, why? C'mon man, you were on the job so you hopefully can't blame it on alcohol, and I'm guessing it wasn't some kind of fraternity prank since the alleged dog assaulter is 50 years old.

We like to consider ourselves common sense folks here in the Midwest, but this sort of behavior in the region leads one to ask the question: "Really?"

Makes you wonder how much longer God is going to sit up there and continue to let us mess up the opportunities He's given us.

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