Tech etiquette

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Technology. You've got to love it.

Especially when you're in the movie theatre or driving down the road or in a meeting with someone.

You're sitting in a movie theatre. You've spent your hard earned cash for an evening of big special effects and poor acting. You've settled in with your fresh bucket of popcorn - properly prepared with the perfect amount of butter flavoring - and favorite liquid refreshment. The credits start rolling, your ready, and it's action time.

Then you hear it. But you're not sure what it is exactly.


Click, clack.

Click, clack, clickety, clackety ...

Then you catch a dim light over your shoulder.

You glance back and there's someone, clicking away on the mini-keyboard attached to the hand-held communication device of the day.

And it continues.

Then you notice the annoying white light in front of you too.

Click, click, clack - backspace, backspace - click, clack.

Are these two talking to each other?

Most likely not. But it's still annoying.

Can't people be incommunicado for a couple of hours. Apparently not ... ;)

You're in a meeting.

You're listening to a speaker.

Your watching a webcast.

And there's the person who whips out their phone, begins clicking away, completely - and rudely I might add - ignoring the person talking.

How disrespectful is that?

I'm not even going to get into the driving and texting thing ... primarily because I've participated in that incredibly stupid behavior before.

But after giving it some thought, hearing the distracted driving statistics, and of course coming into compliance with the law, I have abandoned to the practice.

What I've come to believe is that these hand-held devices may have every application in the world. Every app minus one. An app for common technology courtesy.

Please take into consideration when and where you use your phone. Courtesy first please.

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