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Friday, May 6, 2016

My list to Santa

Saturday, December 10, 2011

With Christmas just a couple of weeks away, I figured it was time to sit down and put together my Christmas wish list for Santa Claus. The nice thing about it is, I need only walk down stairs and stick it in the big, red Santa mailbox outside the front door of the The Daily Reporter office door.

Imagine Santa's surprise when he gets all the letters from the little ones in the community, beautifully decorated and drawn; then he gets mine.

And while some might argue my status as naughty or nice, I'm going to take my shot anyway and see if I can still score some holiday good fortune.

So, here goes ...

Dear Santa,

Randy here. I think I've been pretty good this year. Well, of course there was the time when ... well, you know, you've got the list. Anyway, I've got a few special requests and I'm hoping you've got some room in that big bag of yours to throw me a few bones this year.

First, for all the politicians running for office as well as those currently holding office. How about a little civility? It would be nice to have an election and run campaigns based on ideas instead of on dirt. Please give all politicians a degree of class with which to run their campaign. Extend to them the gift of ideas, which they will hopefully choose to share as opposed to using their time bashing their opponents.

To religious leaders, the courage to stand strong in the face of continued attacks. Evil is everywhere and the stronger a voice raised by persons of conviction, the greater the attack. Give those willing to stand for what's right the strength to endure those who promote doing what feels good over doing what's right.

For those called to mentor our young people, provide perseverance. It's tough, under the current circumstances and constant scrutiny, to take on the role of a coach or mentor for children. Because of some, it will be natural for parents to have suspicions about those wishing to build the lives of our youth. Please grant the world persons of strength, courage and conviction, who will do the right things by our young men and women with only their best intentions at heart.

Please continue to surround me with loving family and friends for that is where I find my strength. There are haters everywhere. Everyone needs support in the face of attackers. I'm no different. I appreciate all I have received and will continue to work on my imperfections - of which I have many - and I ask you to give me a system around me to keep me headed in the right direction.

I would also ask a similar gift for all those whom I love - and even those with whom I have personal challenges. Deliver blessings to them and their families as well as those they come into contact with.

Along those same lines, I would appreciate the gift of patience and understanding. It will help me to see past my immediate frustrations and challenges.

Continue to bless the various churches, businesses and service outreaches in Spencer, so those who live within it, and those who visit it, can receive what it has to offer and feel moved to give back.

I would ask for special blessings on the Dream Center and all those who donate time, talent and dollars to its operation. That those who fail to understand its mission find a way to see its value and benefit. And that it continue to find new ways to grow and bless all those who have need of its services.

And finally, gift my family and friends so they know the love I have for them in my heart. Though I may not say it often enough, my love for the people in my life - at home, at work, at service and at play - is greater than they will ever know.

I consider myself a very blessed person, gifted for all 45 years of my life from you Santa and the real gift-giver from above, I hope my requests sound reasonable.

If for some reason my naughty outweighs my nice this year, please credit me and I'll try and make it up next year. The cookies and milk will be waiting. A little less coal this year would be appreciated.

- Randy

Randy Cauthron
One Man's Perspective