Okoboji students excel on ACT tests

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sounding the School Bell

The high school years are filled with many yearly rituals and traditions. One of the more significant ones for juniors and seniors is the taking of the ACT test (American College Testing). The ACT was founded in 1959 and since that time, has been used to measure students' readiness for the rigors of college level work. Each fall the school receives a report from ACT that discusses the college readiness of our graduates as measured by the ACT. It is important to note that ACT is just one measure of academic readiness for college level coursework. Many other factors, both academic and non-academic go into a student's readiness to successfully navigate college demands.

Forty-six members of the Okoboji High School class of 2011 took the ACT. The average composite score of the group was 23.2, which is 1.2 higher than 2010 and almost a full point higher than the 2011 state average (22.3). OHS students showed across-the-board strength with scores above 23.0 on English, reading, and science. All of these areas were above state averages. Math also showed a significant growth of over a point from 2010 (20.7 to 21.9).

ACT also reports on a factor they call "college readiness." Their data has shown a higher likelihood of success in certain college level courses if students reach or exceed a certain score on the corresponding section of the test. In all four areas tested, Okoboji students scored at or above college readiness levels compared to students testing in the rest of the state. Complete data can be found in figure 1 below.

Our teachers use this data and more detailed information we get in the report to examine our course offerings, curriculum, and instructional strategies. As stated earlier, this is only one piece of the larger puzzle that displays our students' readiness for the world beyond high school but we believe this is a strong indicator that an Okoboji diploma is a clear sign of preparation for the rigors of college level course work.

More detailed ACT data is available on the district website.

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