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Saturday, November 19, 2011

You can hear the chants from all over the country. Te-bow! Te-bow! Te-bow!

The Denver quarterback known as Tim Tebow is causing a media circus and fan debate the likes of which we haven't seen before. Not since Brett Favre got off his tractor and decided to join the Vikings have we heard so much about one quarterback.

Tebow-mania is in full-force. After leading the Broncos to another last-minute game-winning touchdown Thursday night versus the Jets, the Tebow debate has supporters and doubters locked in an all-out sports talk war.

"He can't play quarterback in the NFL!" some shout. "All he does is win games!" yell the others. It's a phenomenon that can't be explained. It's just ......Tebow.

From being drafted in the first round by Josh McDaniels last year, against many "expert" advice, Tebow has been a lightening rod of controversy in the NFL. Always a polarizing personality because of what he stands for and his faith, things seem to have ratcheted up at least a few levels since he's been named Denver's starter three weeks ago.

The consensus among pro football analysts is he can't pass and he doesn't have a throwing motion suitable for the NFL. He completed just 2-of-8 passes two weeks ago against Kansas City. Oh yeah, the Broncos beat the Chiefs, so clearly he didn't need to complete any more passes in that game. The long touchdown pass that sealed the victory was enough.

He's 4-1 as a starter. In the NFL, wins are the only thing that matter. There are no style points. There are no points awarded for running an NFL-style offense. Sure, that type of offense is what works for most teams, but those teams don't have Tim Tebow.

Denver head coach John Fox said earlier this week if Tebow was running a regular offense "he'd be screwed." He also said that his guy is running the option-style offense Denver runs very well. He's winning games and the Broncos believe in him.

It's hard not to. By every account, there isn't a better guy, who works harder, than Tim Tebow. It baffles me how people "hate" on the guy. Is it because of what he stands for? It can't be because they don't like him personally. He's genuine as they come. It must be because he's doing things others can't, in a way they don't like. Maybe they think he's "too good to be true."

With so much controversy and so many sketchy characters in the world of sports these days, if there's one person you can trust isn't going to show up in the police section, it's Tim Tebow.

You can say he shouldn't be playing quarterback in the NFL, but there he is winning games against teams he shouldn't beat. You can say he doesn't belong, but it seems he could be something the league needs.

It's sort of amazing how Tebow and the Broncos can look down-right ugly for 55 minutes of the game, then miraculously pull out a win. There's really no explanation needed. It's simply Tebow.

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Zach Jevne
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