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Holiday Family Adoption Program

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The 2011 Holiday Family Adoption Program is an annual collaborative effort between Upper Des Moines Opportunity, The Daily Reporter and generous area families, businesses and service groups provides seasonal gifts for individuals and families alike.

According to UDMO Director Anita Jorgensen, the number of Clay County families indicating hardships has increased over the past few years. She cited an October report for the agency, which covers lower-income to middle-income folks, which details 379 families, or 701 people, receiving assistance at least once in the form of various services offered at UDMO.

Call 262-6610 to select a family from the list. The list will be continually updated throughout the weeks leading up to the drop off.

Those participating may deliver their presents the mornings of Saturday, Dec. 10 and Saturday, Dec. 17 to The Depot building on the Clay County fairgrounds. Deliveries will occur Sunday, Dec. 18.


Male, age 33: size 4XLT winter coat, size 52/54x36 jeans

Female, age 34: size XL shirts, size 20P pants

Male, age 13: adult size large shirts, size 32x30 jeans

Female, age 12: size 10-12 jeans and shirts

Male, age 6: size 7-8 jeans, long sleeve shirts, trucks


Female, age 40: size XL t-shirts, jeans, sweaters

Male, age 32: size 5X sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts

Male, age 20: size 2X sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts

Female, age 15: size XL sweaters, dress shirts, t-shirts

Gift cards for Walmart, JC Penney, groceries, or gas


Female, age 27: size 16 clothes, romance or mystery books

Male, age 32: size 40/XXL clothes, models, sci-fi books

Male, age 7: size 7-8 pants and sweatshirts, games, cars

Female, age 4: size 4T pants and shirts, dolls, books


Female, age 42: size 20 jeans, size 2x-3x shirts and sweatshirts, perfume, earrings, gift cards, books

Female, age 16: size 7 jeans, adult small shirts, wii games, Tiger clothes, perfume, earrings, books

Female, age 13: jr. size 13 jeans, adult large shirts, wii games, Tiger clothes, perfume, earrings

Female, age 6: girls size 7-8 jeans, shirts, outfits, coat, doll, wii games, books, movies

Female, age 6: girls size 7-8 jeans, shirts, outfits, coat, doll, wii games, books, movies


Female, age 39: full size blankets, towels, cook wear

Male, age 19: mens size S hoodies

Female, age 17: jr size 0 low cut jeans, womens size S hoodies, size 5 high heel boots, make-up, anything that is Hello Kitty


Female, age 56: perfume gift set, pots and pans, queen size sheets, frying pans, deep fryer, likes angels, native American, Dallas Cowboys


Male, age 9: boys size 10-12 sports jerseys, clothes, Legos, Diary of a Wimpy Kid books or movies

Male, age 4: size 4T clothes, The Cars movies, trains, books


Male, age 2: size 8 snow boots, trucks, sweaters size 3T

Female, newborn: baby toys, size 6-9month clothes, dolls

Female, age 20: size 8 snow boots, size L winter coat, board games for family


Female, age 3: size 3T clothes- any kind, child size 8 shoes, likes Dora and Princesses, toys, coloring books, colors, markers

Male, age 5: size 5T jeans, tops, size 5 winter coat, white socks, likes cars, wrestling, fire trucks, coloring books, colors, markers

Male, age 8: size 7-8 pajamas, any clothing, white socks, likes cars, wrestling, trucks, coloring books, colors, markers

Female, age 12: jr. size 1 jeans, any clothing, underwear, likes colorful stuff, anything young woman

Female, age 30: household items, 5 quart skillet, womens size 8 white socks

Male, age 31: mens size L hoodie sweatshirt, mens size 9-10 white socks


Male, age 8: size 14 sweatpants, sweatshirts, likes vehicles, games

Female, age 15: size 7-8 graphic tees, jeans, socks, art supplies

Male, age 18: size XXL sweats, t-shirts, good drawing pencils

Female, adult: size 20/XXL sweatshirts, pots and pans, baking stuff

Male, adult: size XL, challenging crossword puzzles, tools (carpentry and wood working)

Family would like DVDs and games


Male, age 1: size 12-18 month sweatshirts, socks, pajamas, size 3 shoes, trucks, cars, books

Female, age 21: size XL sweatshirt, size L t-shirts, size L socks

Male, age 20: size L sweatshirt, size M t-shirt, size M socks


Female, age 40: size 12 pants, size 6 dress boots, socks, skillet, baking pans, cook ware, bath set

Male, age 39: size L winter coat, boxers, gloves, coin counter, size 10 boots

Female, age 7: girls size 10 jeans, underwear, undershirts, size 2 winter boots, socks, Monster High, scientific bug stuff

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