SHS seniors take part in off-campus learning experiences

Thursday, October 27, 2011
The Lakeside Laboratory delegation were led on a tour of the campus by Jane Shuttleworth (above) and created personal tiles (below). (Photos by Kris Todd)

Spencer High School seniors took advantage of Wednesday's early dismissal by visiting one of four Dickinson County venues and "growing wherever they went."

At Lakeside Laboratory, Mike Koppert introduced students to the Spirit Lake Massacre of 1857. Taking cues from Abbie Gardner-Sharp, the massacre's youngest captive who published the memoir, "History of the Spirit Lake Massacre and Captivity of Miss Abbie Gardner," the SHS students wrote a descriptive, detail-oriented abduction narrative.

Other SHS seniors stopped by Pearson Lakes Art Center, the Dickinson County Conservation Center and two museums in Arnolds Park. Artwork created by students Wednesday morning at the four sites will be displayed together as a mosaic Nov. 22 through Dec. 6 at Pearson Lakes Art Center, as well as at their high school graduation.

During a SHS student's high school career, he or she will rotate between the four sites during early-dismissal days and participate in off-campus learning experiences at each. SHS juniors are scheduled to visit the same sites in November. Sophomores will tour them in February 2012 and SHS freshmen will visit the four venues in March 2012.

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