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Grandpa ... Me?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I've had nine months to get ready for it, you would have thought I'd be ready, but after holding my first grandson this week shortly after he was delivered, my only thoughts were, "wow."

Honestly, it's only been six years since I had my last son. And he's a force of nature. I guess I should consider all six of my children an excellent conditioning program for the idea of being a grandparent. I've been tested and put through the ringer. We've shared laughter and tears - all the things you get with a family.

And now, I'm a grandpa.

No offense to any of you other grandparents out there but in my family, grandparents always had a few years on them. I'm still a young 45, although there are days my body would beg to differ. I'm still coaching my own kids in football and will be for the next six years. After a two-year break, it will be time to start teaching my grandson the virtues of teamwork, good blocking and sportsmanship.

I guess that's it really. Being a grandpa isn't a whole lot different than being a father. You still get to be a child at heart. You get to play ball and run around the yard ... excuse me, walk around the yard. You enjoy the laughter of the young cartoon fan as they giggle at the TV screen. You get to take them to a movie and out for a quick burger.

But being a grandparent has a few benefits that being a parent doesn't. You can spoil them rotten and not pay the price. You can show them pictures of their parents as children. You can fill them full of sugar, give them all the bad treats, buy them all the fun toys - then you get to send them home for mom and dad to deal with them.

So I guess this grandpa thing isn't going to be so bad. Oh yes, I forgot the final, and best, benefit, it's payback time for your kid. Everything my son ever did to help along the number of gray hairs on your head, I get to watch the little guy do it to him now.

When I tried to teach you the golden rule son, "Treat others how you wish to be treated," you should have listened.

Payback's a ... well, you know.

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