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Waving an unwilling goodbye to summer

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The calendar says summer is still with us.

The early morning chill says it's on its way out.

The lights of small-town football fields have already spread their glow over fields of beans and corn nearly ready for harvest. The grounds of the Clay County fair are buzzing with activity.

It doesn't matter what the calendar says- fall is upon us, and summer will soon be a pleasant memory to warm our souls on upcoming frigid winter nights.

There's a melancholy in the end of summer. We want to hold on to the vacation feeling just a little while longer. Summer is good for the soul. There is a more carefree air, not just in children freed from classrooms, but in their parents too. The joy of summer, after all, isn't owned only by the young.

A summer evening, with the light show of fireflies, brings a peace to over-burdened minds. No matter the stresses of work, or life, an evening firefly show can lighten the load.

Sweet corn? Well, I'm convinced fresh Iowa sweet corn could, if used strategically, bring about world peace. A stomach filled with sweet corn couldn't stomach war.

Walking barefoot through the new green grass is an instant stress reliever. I'm talking late May grass, not the parched lawns of August.

While my summer was chock-full of activities and events, I always feel I didn't squeeze every drop out of the season. There were hot dogs that didn't get cooked on a stick over an open fire, and road trips that remain just dreams for the future.

But, I guess that's how it should be. If we did everything we'd planned, and crossed all our items off our summer wish list, what would there be to look forward to next summer?

And as we all know, there is plenty to be said for fall. The Clay County Fair is ready to begin, and college football kicks off this weekend. There are piles of leaves to jump in and candy corn to savor.

Yes, fall has it's attractions.

But it's just not summer.

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By Paula Buenger