Would you want a celebrity roommate?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wanted: A roommate in an apartment with Internet and XBox.

That is essentially the ad Chad Ochocinco, the newest wide receiver for the New England Patriots, is placing.

After years in Cincinnati, Ochocinco is new to Boston. He has said he likes traveling and adventuring in his new surroundings, and doesn't mind getting lost in the process. However, he thinks a roommate who is already established in the city could help him find his way even better.

"I'm going to do something different. I'm actually going to stay with a fan for the first two, three weeks of the season," he told reporters Tuesday. "That should be fun, until I get myself acclimated and learn my way around."

According to a poll on the ESPN Boston website, 79 percent of the more than 62,000 respondents said they would invite Ochocinco to be a roommate. Granted, those numbers are likely skewed by NFL fanatics who would do just about anything to be so closely involved with a professional athlete.

Becoming a celebrity's roommate would have its perks.

Collecting rent from a millionaire shouldn't be a problem. In fact, they may offer to pay more than the going rate. Swag, such as jerseys and autographs, may also accompany rent checks. These items could be used to show off to friends, or maybe sold to pay future months' rents.

The host would likely get to meet other celebrities, especially if the host doubles as tour guide. That could also mean VIP status at parties, just by association.

For guys hosting a sports star, or other male celebrity, think about the ladies that would be lining up outside your apartment just for a glimpse of your roommate?

News media may want to talk about what it is like to have a celebrity roommate. Such a situation could easily turn into 15 minutes of fame.

Of course, those last two bonuses could also be negatives.

Crazed fans, regardless of the gender, can definitely be annoying, especially if they get agitated that the person they're after isn't available.

Paparazzi aren't necessarily popular. Suddenly, the roommate is a person of interest and there are people camping out in front of the apartment all day, every day.

At the end of the day, what fun is it to have a famous roommate if you have to give up your privacy and "normal life?"

The simple life of cheap rent with a low-key roommate sounds like a much better idea.

Good luck to whomever welcomes Ochocinco into his or her life.

Even though it is only for a couple of weeks, that life will change.

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