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Birthing a high school grad

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We've got one year left before our son heads off to college and out of our immediate orbit.

I've got to admit, it's been on my mind - a lot.

In listening to friends and family, I've decided the process of sending a child off into the world is much like the process of pregnancy and childbirth, I've decided.

First, facing the senior year in high school, there's excitement. It's a milestone.

Things get busy.

There's the photographs - lots and lots of photographs.

The senior picture process kicks into high gear the summer before the senior year, and frankly I'm already a little buggy-eyed trying to ascertain the difference between one smiling shot and another.

College visits?

Well, I'm thinking that's the research. Kind of like the endless study of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" that this anxious mom wore ragged. Perky student ambassadors, patient admissions counselors, one college cafeteria after another, and one impossibly green lawn after another.

Then comes the waiting.

And the worrying.

"How can a college cost THAT MUCH?" It's like the debt of a small country.

And the pressure.

"A couple of points higher on that ACT could REALLY affect the financial aid package sweetie. Don't you think you could prep another few hours?"

The pain.

"Does FAFSA stand for 'Financial Anxiety For Sadistic Admissions?'"

The hectic race for the finish line, with senior events, parties, proms, and gatherings.

And, hopefully the joy when graduation day comes, college plans are set, and a happy, healthy young man heads off to discover his future.

Just as when I was pregnant and awaiting his arrival, I'm filled with curiosity about what that future will be.

That, and a little bit of fear.

Not for him, he'll be fine.

For me.

Hot enough for you?

I'm reminding myself daily during the humid, hot days of July that I swore in January, when the temperature was lodged in the negative figures, that I would not, absolutely WOULD NOT complain about the heat.

I am, however, blessing my air conditioning.

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