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Flagfest, strawberries and folks behaving badly

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congratulations to organizers of another spectacular Flagfest event!

They shook things up a bit, moving the games and entertainment, and went back to the old, with the traditional parade route.

Spencer alumni from various classes made it back for reunions this past weekend, and I'm sure those who hadn't been back to their old stomping ground in years were impressed by our community.

Our community celebration is always a time to join with family and friends in celebrating summer and our community.

What were they thinking?

Every time another politician or public figure is caught doing something stupid, that's what I think.

With indictments handed down in the case of former presidential candidate John Edwards, accusing him of using campaign money to hide his mistress and child, the boyish charmer who made multiple visits to our community toppled from his pedestal.

And U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner took the concept of "sexting" to a whole new, tawdry level.

With an intelligent, classy, beautiful and pregnant wife, Weiner chose to share his thoughts, and lewd photos, with an array of other women.


I haven't figured out whether these politicians gone wild are a.) stupid, b.) arrogant, or c.) both of the above. They seem to believe they are bulletproof, that they can fool all the people, all the time.

I want my politicians like Caesar's wife, above any hint of scandal. I know there are some out there, but it seems news of bad behavior comes more and more often from the rich and the powerful. The sad thing is, we elected many of them to represent us.

With Flagfest behind us, I'm looking forward to the next summer celebration (OK, maybe I'm the only one who considers this a warm weather holiday) strawberry season.

My relationship with strawberries is much like Forrest Gump's friend Pvt. Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue's with shrimp. I love to prepare strawberries any which way.

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By Paula Buenger