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Friday, May 6, 2016

Getting old? Not yet

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Contrary to the beliefs of some, Wednesday marked my 24th year on this earth.

That's 2-4, not 1-9.

Two different people -- facetiously, I think -- guessed the latter to be my age.

After thinking about it a bit, that sounds like quite the compliment. Having been in the workforce for two years after obtaining a bachelor's degree in general communication from Dordt College, I must be pretty smart if I'm only 19. Almost Doogie Howser smart, though a 19-year-old journalist is much more likely than a 16-year-old doctor.

Someone else asked me, "Are you old enough to buy beer, now?" To which I responded, "Yup, just like I have for the past three years."

By now, I'm used to being carded for such purchases, though many times my friends who are with me, some who are younger than me, are not.

I expected that to be the case when enjoying a drink with friends this past weekend and was pleased when the server pointed to both me and another friend. Humorously, she had pointed to the friend who is pushing 30, rather than the friend who is a mere six months older than I.

Moments like that definitely make me feel young.

I also had a friend post the following on Facebook: People YOUR age should be forced to have TWO birthdays for every one people MY age have! That way, we wouldn't be the OLD PEOPLE for such a long time!

I responded that time should be taken off his age every time he laughs. Since laughter and smiles are known to create T cells, which help the immune system, that is partly the case.

When I added that I was starting to feel old, he cautioned me against starting that now and surpassing him in that department.

I do feel old sometimes, though.

College students who were freshmen when I was a senior are of legal drinking age. They look like little kids to me. (I suppose that's how some people look at me and my baby face, though).

I remember when one of my cousins was born.

He's graduating in a couple of weeks.

"Try remembering the wedding of that cousin's parents!" one friend suggested. "That's old!"

A coworker also reminisced about serving on the Parent Teacher Association with people she used to babysit.

Then there's the people that are either grandparents, great-grandparents or old enough to be both.

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