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Monday, May 2, 2016

Catching royal wedding fever

Monday, April 25, 2011

I will share something I'm not very proud of.

I'm a bit obsessed with all this royal wedding nonsense.

I haven't figured out why the wedding of the heir to the British throne and his lovely, loyal Kate has attracted my attention so much. After all, I'm a fairly busy, practical kind of person.

Perhaps it's so much fun because I like to compare it to my own wedding, which was a fairy tale of its own.

After all, I found my prince, with whom I will celebrate 23 years together with this fall.

I have my own royal family, a close, crazy, boisterous and large bunch. We've got our own royal jester, reigning queen and, if I must say it, we're each a royal pain every now and then.

My dress, like Kate's, was priceless. Why? Because my beloved Grandma Read, who'll soon be 98 years old, sewed it herself. I do regret, now and then, that I don't have a daughter to pass on that dress to.

I don't know that an invite to my wedding was as coveted as those 1,900 which were sent to the nearest and dearest of the pair in Great Britain. I do know that each and every person who came had a good time.

That little church in the countryside where my husband and I wed was a perfect place to start our journey. The same church my parents said their "I dos" was the place we chose. The sun shone on a fine October day, and all our farmer friends made it in for the ceremony. I must admit to tears on my father's shoulder when the guests finally began to leave -- I just didn't want my magical day to end.

I guess I'm just a sucker for pomp and circumstance. I like pageantry and ritual. And, I live in hope of a happily ever after.

I know that many of our forefathers left monarchies, and that America was built on the idea that every person had an opportunity to become anything they worked hard enough to be. And, I wouldn't trade my life in the U.S. for anything. I guess it's the" foreign-ness" of the royals that fascinates me.

I heard that BBC America will begin broadcasting from London at 2 a.m. Friday morning. While I love the fairytale, I'm just not sure I'm THAT dedicated.

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