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PGA needs Tiger back

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You know the story. We've heard the sordid details. Most have tried to move on. Unfortunately, Tiger still needs more time to reclaim his throne atop the PGA Tour. And it can't come soon enough.

With the Masters teeing off today, all eyes center around the golf world. The sport's most prestigious event holds a lot of weight and carries a ton of pressure. That's the type of thing Tiger used to feed on. Lately? He struggles to hit fairways and misses short-range putts.

The mystique of Tiger left when Elin pulled out the 9-iron on his Escalade. I'm still waiting for the dominance to return. But how long of a wait will it be?

You can't blame him for not bouncing right back after a year of events that turned his life upside down. He's made a few feeble attempts to change his ways but a guy like that isn't going to change just because his "public persona" needs a face lift. It's disingenuous for Tiger to slap on a happy face and pretend he's just like everyone else, working through some personal problems with a public job.

He's not like everyone else. He never has been. He's a former child star turned international icon with hundreds of millions of dollars turned late-night punchlne. He's been called the world's greatest golfer since he was 21 and shattered the Masters' scoring record.

When Tiger's on the leaderboard, golf turns into must watch TV. He used to be the guy who never blew a Sunday lead. You saw the red shirt on Sunday and knew it was over. He mentally intimidated every player on the Tour and dominated them.

After his year of troubles, players no longer fear the mystique that once was Tiger Woods. Some feel sorry for him. Golf requires great mental toughness. It's as much about between the ears as it is about the swing. That's the edge Tiger always had. And that's what he must get back.

Nobody needs Tiger back more than the PGA Tour. While the Masters can sort of hold its own without Tiger on the leaderboard, they would sure like it if he's there. I know viewers want him there.

Last year Tiger returned to golf for the first time at the Masters. He finished a remarkable fourth, considering what was surrounding him and the microscope he was under. Things didn't went down hill from there, however.

Tiger loves Augusta. He's always played well there. He needs to keep stacking majors in order to run down Jack Nicklaus for most all time. He's four away from tying him. His swing is on the fritz right now but once he gets his mind right, the swing will be back.

Here's hoping Tiger gets off on the right foot this weekend. As we've seen time and time again in the sporting world, winning makes people forget most things. Just do it, Tiger.

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Zach Jevne
Real Sports Talk
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