Sweet Easter thoughts

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are you a Peeps person?

Or maybe a Jelly Belly?

Or a Cadbury egg kind of guy??

Me? I love em all.

Easter, and its baskets of brightly-colored candies, brings joy to this cold heart.

And this year, thanks to the calendar, we've got an extra-long time to enjoy the sweets of the season.

When the red, heart-shaped boxes are swept off the shelves of retailers, up come the pastel hues of Easter. After all, there's never been a suitable St. Patrick's Day sweet that appealed to the masses. With Easter coming on April 24, that means over two months of egg-shaped bliss for those connoisseurs of confectionary.

That's me.

While I'll eat a Jelly Belly any old time, it's at Easter that the little morsels of sugary goodness find their way into my candy jar to stay. And toss a Cadbury egg my way, and you'll be my friend for life.

Obviously, a lot of you are in the same boat. Easter sits in second place in holiday candy sales rankings, following only Halloween. Christmas and Valentine's Day are distant third and fourth in the rankings.

It's no surprise then, to find out that Americans eat 16 billion jellybeans at Easter time. If all those jelly beans were lined up end to end, they'd circle the globe three times.

I admit I do my part. I've already made short work of my first bag of sugary sweetness.

The marshmallow Peep, however, has never been my thing. I'm in the minority, however, as Peeps rank first in popularity of non-chocolate Easter treats.

In their infancy in 1953, a Peep took 27 hours to create. Today the process takes six minutes. It's good that they've trimmed the time, since as many as 4.2 million Peeps are produced every day.

Chocolate Easter fans, be prepared for higher prices.

A ban on cocoa exports from the Ivory Coast, the world's top producer, may raise prices on chocolate treats. Ivory Coast supplies a third of the world's cocoa.

Will price hikes melt demand for Easter chocolate? Unless those hikes are huge, this candy lover will probably continue to indulge.

After all, a chocolate Easter bunny is a tradition worth saving for.