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Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother Nature slows us down

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After a day of rain, sleet, a hint of snow, the heavily ice-laden power lines gave up. After a warning blink or two, our house went dark.

Off went the television, at a critical moment of a movie my husband was watching (We've seen it several times before, so no trauma was involved.).

My son's PS3 went black. No doubt he was nearly at a point of taking out the enemy.

Me? Believe it or not, I was mopping the floor. What a great excuse to stop!

So, in the dim light of the gray skies through the windows, we three looked at each other. What do we do now?

It's funny, really, that we've forgotten what to do when Mother Nature takes away those electronic gizmos that we live our lives around. I told my son to finish a homework assignment.

"Can't," he answered. "I've got to do research on the computer, and the internet is down as well."

Hmmm, the days of heavy volumes of encyclopedias serving as homework research weren't so bad after all.

After resetting our internal clocks to days of old time, we adjusted.

Drew took the dog for a walk, albeit a careful trek around the ice and standing water. Then it was off to practice guitar -- acoustic, of course.

My husband decided it was a perfect time for a Sunday afternoon nap.

I grabbed a book, a brownie, and a spot by the window.

And I counted my blessings that I wasn't one of those folks to whom an ice storm is a call to duty. Thankful thoughts went out to the employees of the electric cooperative, ILEC, that services our area. When the weather gets nasty, that's when they go to work. They had us up and running again in about two hours, so we didn't have to face a cold, dark night.

I also thought about the folks who service our roads - our Iowa DOT employees and the Clay County road department workers who spread the sand, and scraped the icy mess.

And local law enforcement, patrolling the roads and helping to ensure our safety.

A dreary, stormy Sunday is a chance to hunker down for us. It's a call to arms for those folks.

Paula Buenger