Seeking those community spark plugs

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's not to be optimistic about?

The sun's been shining.

The thermometer has been in the positive numbers (even at night!) for a few days.

There are dozens of help wanted advertisements in our newspaper, signaling a shifting of the economic times.

Take a look around our community.

A new theater is a beacon of the arts in our community.

Our downtown businesses have fresh, classic fronts.

The north Grand boulevard is showing us signs of how great it will be.

The Parker Historical Society recently received word of a $200,000 Community Attraction and Tourism grant, bringing its dream of a new home downtown closer to reality.

It's a good time for Spencer.

And a great time to be looking for those spark plugs that have helped our community to grow.

The Daily Reporter is once again seeking nominees for its Citizen of the Year.

Over the past five decades, we've helped to recognize outstanding residents of our community. The list of recipients is impressive, the folks honored even more so. Ask them, and doubtless they will point to others who've helped them over the years. They'll talk about how much they've been given. They'll humbly say they don't deserve the kudos. Last year, Jerry Faulkner was honored. His work, honoring his granddaughter's short life by helping other young angels and their families, has touched us all. Jerry turned the focus of the celebration on to the Shayla Bee organization. He honored all those who help him in his mission.

It was another great selection by the former Citizens of the Year, who choose from among the nominees for the honor.

We're looking for other movers and shakers like Jerry.

And, I'm using that term to focus on the hard work, the moving and shaking, it takes to make great things happen.

Think of all the great things happening in our community, not just buildings, but programs, volunteer efforts, community outreach - then think about the faces behind those activities. Those are the people we want to hear about.

It's easy to nominate a deserving citizen. Simply write down what makes them deserving. Talk about their volunteer efforts. Then send me that letter of nomination to, Paula Buenger, Spencer Daily Reporter, PO Box 197, Spencer, IA 51301, or drop it off at our offices at 310 East Milwaukee Street in Spencer.

We ask that all nominations are in by March 10. Then the former Citizens of the Year will gather to select the newest member of its illustrious group. We will honor them with a reception held in conjunction with the release of the Daily Reporter's Progress edition in April.

All the great things going on in Spencer don't just happen by themselves. There are real people behind the projects and programs. And those real people need to be recognized.

Don't wait for someone else to step forward and make the nomination. Do it yourself. And do it now.