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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Parents fighting an uphill battle

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I don't watch MTV much anymore.

My generation ushered in the original MTV era, when it actually played music videos and had VJs. Sure the original video quality left something to be desired but it was just cool to put a face to the music so to speak.

My parents hated MTV then. I hate MTV now. And pretty much for the same reasons. They felt it was rotting my brain, fortunately I was able to overcome; however, I'm a bit more concerned about this group of MTV viewers.

Anti-MTV folks argued the channel was all about sex, drugs and rock and roll. And to a certain extent, I guess it was. Me, I just enjoyed to music, but I can't dispute the presence of those three particular messages in the music from time-to-time.

Today, there's nothing subliminal about it. It's out there for all to see.

We have young ladies deliberately getting pregnant with hopes of gaining some sort of celebrity by being an unwed baby-mama at age 16.

The Real World offers viewers a group of 20-somethings partying to excess and using the MTV provided living quarters to host strangers in their rooms on a nightly basis with little thought of the next day. That's the real world being portrayed to our young people who are still trying to gain a real grasp on life outside of northwest Iowa.

And now we introduce "Skins" to the MTV programming line-up. This show isn't about college kids or young adults. It's about high school age kids who live to get drunk, get high or engage in random sex. High school kids, as our children are being told, are doing this everywhere. So why aren't you?

Adults are too stupid to figure out what the kids are doing. When an anti-smoking, anti-drinking, ant-drug advocate shows up at the school to try and encourage the teens to make smart choices, he is mocked and made to be some goofy buffoon who just doesn't get it.

The show has been widely criticized for walking the edge of child pornography. Sex scenes with boys and girls, girls and girls, and I don't even want to guess what else are a big part of the show. One of the stars of the show, a lesbian girl, has sex with a female classmate one night, and a guy friend the next night.

Great message folks. As if teen pregnancy numbers aren't bad enough.

It's tough to be a parent these days. I know the battle many of you are facing, I'm in it with you.

Consider this a peek at one of the enemies your facing in the battle for your child's soul. It's time we stand up and fight back.

Randy Cauthron
One Man's Perspective