China flying on 'cruise-control'

Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Man's Perspective

Multiple media agencies are reporting that Tom Cruise is now flying planes for the People's Liberation Army Air Force of China.

Apparently China Central Television, a government information tool, was touting the amazing abilities of its air force unit as part of its broadcast. During the report, the station used footage of an alleged training exercise on Jan. 23, conducted by China's high flyers.

The footage was excellent, so good in fact that it could pass for Hollywood quality, complete with special effects and explosions. Come to find out, it was Hollywood quality. The CTC, according to the report, played clips from "Top Gun."

One of the many investigating agencies, The Guardian, reported: " ... an observant viewer spotted that the resulting explosion matches a blast from the final fight scene in the Tom Cruise movie.

"The frame-by-frame comparison of the images, by someone posting under the name Liu Yi, demonstrates the likeness, and the Wall Street journal has produced a video comparing the news clip with the movie scene.

"The news broadcast was posted on the CCTV website but vanished after news of the gaffe began to spread."

This is too funny.

Here's this family, at home in China, getting their nightly fill of the government propaganda channel, when the young boy looks up and catches a glimpse of Tom Cruise, the guy from Mission Impossible movies - the same guy who bounced around on Oprah's couch - piloting the alleged Chinese aircraft. As he continues to watch, the balding doctor from the old E.R. reruns is his copilot, and one of the many post Michael Keaton Batman's is flying the other jet. Too sweet.

I wonder if they incorporated the volleyball scene as part of the Air Force's recreation problem.

Here's an idea. If the Chinese government wants its people to feel good about its Air Force, why not pool some other classic footage.

Maybe the CTC can report China provided assistance to America when a large ape climbed to the top of the Empire State Building. How about scoring some Godzilla footage and telling viewers China provided air support to Japan when a giant lizard attacked Tokyo?

There's lots of great footage out there. Let's try "Airplane" or Hitchcock's classic "North by Northwest" next. Oh, I've got it, let's go really big and pull out the attack on the Death Star in "Star Wars."

There's no limit to how Hollywood can contribute China's media endeavor to make its people believe the country's Air Force is the best in the world.