Yes, Kris, there are still random acts of kindness!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just as Virginia was reminded Santa Claus does exist in a newspaper editorial years ago, I've reconnected with the fact that random acts of kindness also still exist.

The hustle and bustle associated with the holiday season was in high gear around town this weekend. While I attempted to capture a few of the holiday happenings as a reporter, I found myself in the midst of heavier than normal traffic.

Unlike other motorists I saw in my rearview mirror who muttered and sped off in another direction, in hopes of gaining a bit of time, I enjoyed the energy and excitement. I relaxed and attempted to soak it all in.

Between assignments, I parked in a local drive through, waiting for the delivery of a quick meal on the go. As I inched my way to the takeout window, I was reminded of the season -- and the reason for it -- as the woman behind the window informed me that the man in the vehicle ahead of mine had paid for my meal.

He did so as a random act of kindness, she informed me.

I'll admit, his action resulted in my breath catching and my heart skipping a few beats.

As I attempted to repay him, he simply smiled, blushed and asked that I pass it on.

Thank you, Henry County gentleman in the black Saturn Vue. Maybe it was the spirit of the holiday season -- or your random act of kindness -- that made my meal a bit tastier.

Like Virginia's inquiry and the New York Sun's response, which was adapted into an Emmy Award-winning animated television special, I hope the message continues that random acts of kindness do still exist. I know I'll do my part.