In Portland, Maine this week, a school board OK'd offering birth control pills and patches to middle school students, whithout parental notification. What do you think about this move?

Friday, October 19, 2007

-Penelope Eaton-

I do not believe that middle school students are mature enough to be making the decision to have sex, let alone have our schools "condoning" the behavior by offering birth control without parental consent. They can teach our children the information but also the responsibilities that go with the acts.

-Chris McCrea-

I think the parents have the right to know that their child is on birth control. The school board has no right to determine whether or not a child should be on birth control. It is up to the parents at what age their child starts birth control.

-Kathy Anderson-

I don't think we should be providing birth control to middle school students. We should educate students but we should not be offering them birth control, especially without consent from their parents.

-Kevin Roberts-

I don't think that it is the place of the school board to give out birth control without parental consent.

-Troy Huisenga-

It's wrong, this country is too liberal, there are few morals left.

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  • I think this is very wrong, unfortunatly this is what the world has come to, when schools more and more have taken over raising our children because both parents have to work so much just to make a living, we as parents need to make a stand to the school system to teach our children not enable them.

    -- Posted by cberry on Sat, Oct 20, 2007, at 10:28 AM
    Response by jersy:
    Things like this make me so mad! How do these people think they are helping these children? Now the children are going to think it is OK to have sex therefore they will probably have more sex which will more than likely lead to an STD!!!! Is it more important to protect childrens rights to use birthcontrol without parental consent than trying to protect them from getting life threatening STDs?? Or teaching them morals?? What has that world come to?
  • The school nurse said on an interview that the kids are already sexually active so just give them birth control. I think all kids need parents who will teach them what a sexual relationship is really is about a relationship with someone you love and are married to. Then, because of extreme peer presure, they should be taught the same thing in school. If we really want to help prevent teen pregnancies then we should teach our kids to respect themselves first and foremost. I realize this won't stop the problem altogether among teens, but it will help.

    -- Posted by 4Him on Sat, Oct 20, 2007, at 11:09 AM
  • If you have taught your child(ren) to respect themselves and be open and honest with you - then you should have no worries that your child would ever obtain the BC from the school... But if you have not been open and honest with your children or are too judgmental in their eyes and they opt to not share their concerns with you - wouldn't you rather have them obtain BC information from a trusted adult than from another student or worse - someone off the street?

    Open communication is by far the first step in changing behaviors├ó?┬* don't judge, talk to your kids openly and honestly and then you might not be so scared to have BC at school. If you trusted your children, it wouldn't matter where they gave out BC - because you would know that your child would come to you first if they had questions or concerns about sex.

    It's happening in your schools already, don't fool yourselves into thinking any amount of adult condemnation will ever change that... it happened in the 50's and 60's and it's happening now. Let's teach our children about love and respect, and making bright decisions that affect the rest of their lives.

    -- Posted by Vanessa on Mon, Oct 22, 2007, at 10:40 AM
  • As a parent I would be irate if I found out that the school was providing condoms and/or birth control to my middle school child. The schools are here to educate. Not to be doctors or nurses. I realize that sex is happening in the middle schools and high schools all around the country. However, my husband and I should be the ones providing medical care to our children and my husband and I should be the ones teaching our children about sex, birth control, etc. and if the schools want to expand and educate, great.

    Our society has broken the line of communication in that we depend on our schools to do everything so we don't have to parent. Being a parent is communicating with your children. The topics of sex and birth control are not the most gatifying subjects to discuss with middle school children but as a parent, that is my and/or your responsibility.

    -- Posted by Dana Anderson on Mon, Oct 22, 2007, at 12:02 PM
  • It's much better to have pregnant 11 year olds that then need abortions.

    Seriously, note these facts:

    - The health service clinic services the the school but the school doesn't run it.

    - The school has had middle school students give birth in the past.

    - Parents have to give permission for the students to use the Health Services.

    - Condoms have been distributed for years there, as in thousands of school districts in the country.

    I started 9th grade in the early 70's with 2 of the approximately 15 girls ready to give birth. Kids have sex whether you like to think about it or not. They should be educated AND be given the tools to be kept safe and healthy. Kids aren't going to tell their parents they're having sex. Or the adults at home may be the ones having sex with the kids.

    The clinic should encourage the kids to involve their parents and as a last resort contact social services. I know people don't like gov't sticking it's nose in private business, but when the safety and health of kids is at stake, it may be necessary.

    -- Posted by helped_myself on Tue, Oct 23, 2007, at 11:12 AM
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