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Navy SEALS get the job done

Posted Monday, May 2, 2011, at 11:06 AM

A climax 10 years in the making. Leave it to the U.S. Navy SEALS - the elite of the elite - working with the CIA, to get the job done.

Osama bin Laden's reign of terror on this earth has come to an end as the result of a well-placed bullet hole in the head.

Coincidentally, or not so much so, the announcement came on the 66th anniversary of the announcement of Adolf Hitler's death.

Though by different means, and different strategies, each man was responsible for the deaths of many thousands of innocent lives.

Be advised terrorists and dictators throughout the world, when the Navy SEALS ask you to surrender. If you choose option B, they will take the liberty of placing a bullet hole or two in your dome.

A chill ran through my spine at the footage of the NY Mets and Philadelphia Phillies fans chanting in unison "USA, USA, USA" at the ballgame Sunday night.

Sorry to stop the conversation on my previous blog - which was very good dialogue indeed, but I wanted to throw this out there for comment.

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I heard on other news today that a virtual "treasure trove" of data has been recovered from Bin Laden's hiding place - hard drives, computers, and papers. Let's hope that additional lives can be spared because of this information windfall. Also, it has been reported that information leading to the discovery of Bin Laden's location may have been a result of waterboarding in Gitmo. Now can we say that this technique might have a place in terrorist interrogation?

-- Posted by Culture Warrior on Tue, May 3, 2011, at 12:43 PM

Quite frankly, and I know this will offend people's sensitivities, but I am far more concerned about saving American lives and if we have to torture a few terrorists who would just as soon drop an explosive device in a room full of innocent people as look at them in order to get life saving information and stop attacks - well, I guess I'm just that kind of a guy. Don't want to be waterboarded, don't be a terrorist.

-- Posted by randy cauthron on Tue, May 3, 2011, at 3:21 PM

Is it at least possible that someone gets arrested as a terrorist by mistake? And just because they have been arrested does not mean they are guilty (we do still have due process in this country). I guess I am not OK with torture for several reasons. One, we might torture an innocent person. Two, it opens up the door to anyone to torture. If we can do it to save American lives, then any country can do it to save its citizens. This is a scary precedent to set.

-- Posted by DaveMunson on Tue, May 3, 2011, at 9:02 PM

It's amazing what Americans can accomplish when the Playstation network is down. In all seriousness I'm very happy about what the Navy SEALS were able to do. I have been puzzled for the past decade, wondering why we did not simply send special forces out on a targeted mission instead of blowing up the entire Middle East. Would they have reached him at this suburban dwelling earlier? I guess we'll never know, but the war on terror seems much more like a job for specialized crews rather than an infantry numbering in the tens of thousands.

-- Posted by AmyPeterson on Thu, May 5, 2011, at 11:49 PM

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