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2011 Artisans Road Trip Artist - Barb McGee

Posted Monday, July 11, 2011, at 11:02 AM

Watercolor painting (untitled) Barb McGee
This Artisans Road Trip spot light is on artist Barb McGee! Barb works from her studio and gallery in Peterson, Iowa. Barb is going to give us a little insight into her selective process in working with a painting.

"For me starting a new painting means finding the perfect photograph or in some cases many photo's. For my current painting it was a matter of reduction. At my opening reception at A Piece Of Work in Spirit Lake I stated that I wanted to paint a white shirt. Now I am not at all sure why a cowboy would want to wear a white shirt but some of them really do.

Last year my husband Don and I went to a ranch in South Dakota for a branding. I took over a thousand pictures. I knew I had at least one guy in a white shirt so I started looking to figure out which photo had the most potential.

After several edits through the photos I took, I found my white shirt & ropes and saddle and even a hat, what more could I want??!! It doesn't seem to bother me that my cowboy has no head; what do you think of the headless horseman? Maybe it has something to do with living on Sleepy Hollow Road :-)"

Thank you for sharing your painting process Barb! Check back again for more artists from the 2011 Artisans Road Trip!

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I love the perspective of the photograph that you turned into a painting, Barb. A friend of mine is a photographer in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and just did a shoot with numerous ballet dancers. My favorite shot by far focuses on the feet of the dancer kicking up chalk. It doesn't lop off her head completely, but it does cut off right around her eye line and also takes out a chunk of her shoulder and elbow. When I asked my friend if it was on purpose or accident, I knew the answer. The more unique the art, the better it is, I say!

-- Posted by Gabe Licht on Wed, Aug 3, 2011, at 11:23 AM

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