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Daycare Confessions: Continuing Education

Posted Tuesday, January 24, 2012, at 11:40 AM

I own it. I hate being told what to do especially when I think I do a pretty good job at what I'm doing. Ask Randy, he'll tell you...sometimes he hovers in the kitchen when I'm cooking and makes the mistake of asking me if I'm doing something right...Um, we've been married 22 years and he hasn't been poisoned yet.

As a registered daycare provider I am required to have at least 12 hours of continuing education each year. Since I am also ChildNet certified, I am required to have 18 hours. In the past we in the area were blessed to have Child Care Resource and Referral right here in Spencer. That meant that the trainings were usually right here in Spencer and were relevant. I like them in small doses rather than large, drawn out events.

Our choices for trainings are getting far more time consuming. The state is pushing for series classes which means that we have to commit to going to a series of classes usually lasting 4+ hours at a time over an extended period. I just don't get much out of them. We used to attend a conference every year over in Emmetsburg that was awesome! We got training hours, hands on experience and listened to dynamic speakers who are in the trenches with us. I looked forward to these trainings.

I really feel that it would be more beneficial to shorten the classes, make them relevant to my day to day daycare life, follow them up with help from real people who have been where I am. I don't care how many initials you have after your name, if you have not been a mother or a provider, you have no idea. Also, I truly feel that the longer I am in daycare, the less hours I should have to attain. After all, I am here everyday learning from those who know it best...the kids.

One more thing...we should always get training hours and credit for any training we take that is important for our job especially CPR/First Aid training.

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Gotta note here that our instructor for my most recent class that started last night...parent and better yet, daycare mom...forever! And the class was not boring, long, but not boring.

-- Posted by Leah Cauthron on Wed, Jan 25, 2012, at 5:45 PM

It would certainly seem to make sense to have a one-shot deal once or twice a year rather than a series, causing you to miss multiple days of work and your daycare parents to have multiple days of finding backup care or taking days off work.

I wonder how much of the coursework is related to the actual interactions with the children -- new healthy snacks, activities, positive discipline techniques, etc. -- as opposed to going over complicated new safety regulations and other bureaucratic things which, while important, a sensible and concerned provider is probably already doing anyway.

I don't have little ones anymore, and I hope to be close to a decade away from grandchildren, but I wish some of the providers I know here had been available in Sioux City, where we lived when my big kids were little. I experienced some nightmarish situations, the worst one when I'd given up on daycares and ponied up for a private provider to come to my home.

I hope my children will be able to find positive, loving, concerned providers for their children when the time comes.

-- Posted by AmyPeterson on Thu, Jan 26, 2012, at 6:43 AM

Continuing ed for teachers/school staff is much the same: you leave some classes feeling renewed, re energized, and with great new ideas. You leave some glad you stayed awake the whole class because they (for one reason or another) didn't apply to you or interest you. Full-day inservices can be great, but I wish administrators would ask us before setting the schedule.

-- Posted by notinia on Thu, Jan 26, 2012, at 3:08 PM

I was a registered Child Care Provider, here in Spencer for over 17 years! I have since moved on and I am completing my education. It seemed the longer I was in the Child Care business, the more ridiculous the Con. Ed classes got! I too, remember the days when we were able to spend a Saturday at a conference in Emmetsburg. Even then, some of those classes were ridiculous. Honestly, I felt I was just creating jobs for other people. I LOVED the kids and the families, but, yes, there needs to be better Con. Ed classes offered.

-- Posted by MotherTiger on Sat, Jan 28, 2012, at 2:46 PM

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